Car Transportation

Greece is privileged to be on the crossroads between continents and cultures. Travelling by car is a great opportunity to explore the off beaten track of Greece. A road trip to the beautiful mainland of Greece is an excellent way for travellers to discover, explore and experience the uniqueness of the country. The transportation structure of Greece is allowing fast and safe travelling through the country through a vast network which is constantly being improved and extended, linking the heart of Europe to Asia via the roads of the East. The main motorways connect the Balkan countries to Greece and the rest of Europe. Connection to Italy is possible by using one of the ferry services from the region of Peloponnese. The road network of Greece covers 117,000 kilometres with numerous gas stations, parking areas and restaurants, allowing travellers to rest briefly.

Car Hiring, Driving Licenses and Speed Limits

There are numerous car-hiring companies in Greece while the cars can be transferred through the ferry companies to the majority of the islands. Citizens of the Member States of the European Union may use their own national driving license and other countries must have their international driving license with a valid national driving license. You should be aware that your must be at least 21 years old in order to rent a car. The speed limits of the country are 50km per hour in build up areas, 90km per hour to 110km per hour out of towns and 120km per hour in motorways. The Association of Car Rental Companies of Greece can provide you with more information.

Border Crossing Points of Greece

The border crossing points for entering Greece from the neighbouring countries are Evzones in Kilkis for FYROM, Kakavia in Ioannina for Albania, Kipoi in Evros for Tyrkey and Exohi in Drama for Bulgaria.

Main Road Axes of Greece

The main road axes of Greece include Athens – Thessaloniki (E 75), Athens – Corinth (E 94 ), Corinth – Patras (E 65 ), Corinth -Tripoli – Kalamata (E 65 ), Patras – Pyrgos – Olympia (E 55 ),  Thessaloniki – Kavala – Alexandroupoli (E 90 ), Igoumenitsa – Alexandroupoli (Egnatia Odos Motorway) and Chania – Agios Nikolaos ( Crete E 75).