Tourist Guides

A journey to the civilization of Greece

“A tourist guide is a person accompanying tourists or visitors of the country, foreigners or nationals, leading them and suggesting the sights of the land, the monuments ancient or historical, the works of art of all periods, explaining to them their meaning, destination and history and providing more general information about ancient and modern Greece.”

Law 710/1977 on Tourist Guides

Visiting one of the imposing archaeological monuments of Greece? Ever thought about a tourist guide? Once you get a qualified guide, you will be able to be educated with cultural, heritage and historical information regarding sights of significant interest in your preferred language. The PanHellenic Tourist Guides’ Federation and the Association of Licensed Tourist Guides represent all the qualified tourist guides’ associations of Greece. The institutions undertake guided visits to major monuments offering guided tours in twenty eight languages satisfying the demands of a specialized audience in subjects of architecture, geology, mathematics, physics, agriculture, history of art, archeology, education, philosophy and religion.