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Mystes, Mysteries, & Mysterious

Wrapped in secrecy, the mystery cults fascinate the imagination. Mystery cults symbolize the spiritual efforts of the ancient Greeks to deal with their mortality. In fact, the Greek mysteries were the most famous cults of the secret religious rites of ancient Greece. Religion in ancient Greece had a strong public character, as it was a way of integrating the individual into the community. Within each public religion, there were special cults that addressed people on an individual basis; these cults were widely known as mysteries, which represented an opportunity to deal with the gods of the polis on an individual basis. As these rituals had to do with the inner self of each individual, privacy was paramount and secured from an initiation ceremony that was established between the individual and the gods. Once the individual had initiated, he was liberated from the fear of death by sharing the eternal truth, known only to the immortals. Since the oath of silence was taken from the initiates, a thick veil of secrecy covers the mystery cults of Ancient Greece.

A hidden or secret thing, any truth that is divinely revealed but otherwise unknowable.

There Is Always A Story

Etymologically, the word mystery originates from the word «μυείν» [m·y·e·i·n] meaning to close, which refers to the closure of the lips and the eyes of the active members of the mysteries, known as mystes, who were not allowed to communicate with other people who had not been initiated. It is highly understandable, therefore, that the mysteries were kept secret from the general public. The Greek mysteries were believed to be the higher spiritual heritage in Ancient Greece, as their internal concept was presented from the eternal truths, either physical or intellectual, that have been preserved in the passage of thousands of years. Even today, the mysteries of Ancient Greece are one of the most unsolved mysteries in the world. Mysteries were religious schools of the Greco Roman world, reserved just for the initiates. Secrecy at its best, the participants who had initiated to the ritual practice, could not reveal anything to the outsiders. Indeed, the word mysterious has a Greek origin that derives from the word «μυστήριον» [m·y·s·t·e·r·i·o·n].

Let Yourself Unveil The Mysteries

The opportunity to discover the beautiful country of Greece is definitely an experience of a lifetime that you will never forget. Whether by air, land or sea, Greece is easily accessible. The great climate conditions allow every traveller to enjoy autumn, summer, spring and winter across the entire country. It delivers the ideal climate for everyone wishing to experience the mysterious beauties of Greece. However, the most intriguing part is the rich history and culture of the country that dates three thousands years old offering a unique experience to meet some of the most imposing monuments of the world. The natural diversity of the country ranges from landscapes and places that cannot be found together anywhere else. Greece resembles a world of destinations embellished with majestic islands, picturesque villages, aristocratic cities, astonishing beaches, verdant forests, flowing rivers, wonderful lakes, imposing mountains and spectacular fortresses. So, Greece has something of everything! And as all of you might know, Greece is the island empire! Six thousands islands of different sizes and shapes with authentic personalities and exceptional possibilities are waiting for you to discover them. Experiencing the authentic hospitality of the local people will make you want to stay even longer! And let’s not forget the gastronomy of Greece, one of the healthiest cuisines of the world based on fresh products. Dare to taste the most exquisite flavours of the Mediterranean! Greece is a destination for your bucket list! Whatever your reason for travelling, Greece has it for you! You can admit it, who does not want to visit this beautiful country?