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Citrus Memories: A Family Oriented Business With Homemade Products Crafted With Care And Love

Address: 9, Argenti Street, Kambos Telephone: 0030.22710.31513 Website: Citrus-chios.gr

Citrus is a family oriented business that was established in the village of Kambos of Chios in 2008 with the intention of highlighting and promoting the history and the unique characteristics of the citrus fruits grown in the region from the 14th century. Citrus was founded from two cousins from Chios, Vangelis Xydas and Giorgos Plakotaris, who had the idea of creating a museum to “accommodate” the amazing story of the famous citrus fruits grown in the traditional settlement of Kambos. Soon, the idea charmed another Chian, Stamos Fafalios, who joined the team in order to exploit the citrus trees of Kambos and promote their unique flavor worldwide! The sustainable development of Kambos, the strengthening of the local economy of Chios. The promotion of the Chian products in Greece and abroad, and the connection of agricultural production with the cultural character of Kambos are the key objective of Citrus. The standard workshop of Citrus is situated in a wonderful mansions with citrus groves and orange trees. This is the mysterious location where the team of Citrus produces a wide range of homemade pastries with the tasteful fruits of Kambos including macaroons, jams, spoon sweets, traditional Chian loukoumi, fruit pies, fruit juices, nougats and sesame bars. The skilled harvesting techniques used from Citrus, the direct transfer of the fresh fruits from the trees to the basket and the masterful performance of Chian recipes guarantee high culinary products with nutritional value; all stamped with memory scents from Kambos!

Explore the history of Kambos at the Museum of Citrus


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Within the estate of Citrus, there is a building dedicated to the Citrus museum that exhibits documents and records of the society of Kambos, the history of the citrus cultivation from the 15th century, and the commercial process from the past till the present day. By this way, Kambos has a complete presentation as a unified and comprehensive agricultural and environmental landscape of high cultural value. The past of Kambos comes alive in Citrus and becomes a source of inspiration for the present and the future!

Enjoy your handmade juice at the Shop of Citrus


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In a specially designed elegant space, visitors will find a wonderful shop exhibiting the handmade and fresh pastries of Citrus produced with fresh fruits on the laboratory of Citrus! The Citrus cafe is one of the most charming courtyards you will find on the island of Chios. In the cobblestone yards of the stone mansion of Citrus, under pergolas with vines, visitors can enjoy handmade Citrus sweets overlooking the orchards of the estate.
Taste the exquisite products of Citrus


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The products of Citrus is of handmade production, made with traditional Chian recipes handed with personal and special care. Their traditional character is based on the specificity of the materials and the way of production, with a history of centuries transmitted from generation to generation. Fruits from the estate of Citrus are used for the production of the majority of the products, and sometimes fruits produced in the island of Chios. It is worth mentioning that Citrus products do not contain any artificial preservatives, additional colors and fats since fresh fruits and sugar are utilized for the manufacture process. Indeed, the fruits of Kambos have a special character; the composition of the soil, the micro climate and the cultivated citrus varieties lend strong differentiation to the citrus fruits! Intense aromas of citrus dispersed in the atmosphere from the orchards of Kambos gave to Chios its characterization as fragrant Chios! Jams and sweet desserts maintain a high percentage of the nutrients of the fruit due to the direct transfer of fruits from the farm to the laboratory. The fruits have undergone a mild heat treatment with the traditional Chian method of the “open basin”. All of the jams and the sweet desserts do not contain any artificial pectines, chemical preservatives or additives.Ypovrihio is one of the most traditional Chian sweets, directly associated with summer! This product is usually served with a spoonful glaze flavored with citrus juice or mastic immersed in a glass of iced water! Hence its name, which actually means submarine! Loukoumi is a traditional sweet encapsulated with all the favors of the island of Chios! The traditional handmade art of loukoumi production continues faithful to tradition from the team of Citrus with imaginative combinations! The fruit pies of Citrus have a very thin and crunchy wafer layer with a jam layer and nuts. It is a very unusual dessert ideal for a snack anytime of the day! Exclusively made from fresh fragrant mandarins from the estates of Citrus, the sweet mandarin of Chios are characterized from their fascinating aroma, their pleasant sweet and sour flavor and their lively orange color. The sweet mandarin of Kambos has been grown in the area from 1850, and has been recognized with a Protected Geographical Indication. In fact, the mandarin of Chios is considered to be one of the best and most aromatic varieties in the world. In 2014, the sweet preserve of mandarin peel was honored with a gold star in the Great Taste Awards 2014.