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The Fragrant Citrus Trees Blessed From The Miraculous Tears Of Mastic

Fragrant and atmospheric, medieval and volcanic, beautiful Chios captures all the five senses of the travellers. It distinctive beauty is accompanied from unique flavors that will impress your palate. Delicious agricultural products, Mediterranean cuisine, taverns with traditional recipes create a wonderful gastronomic destination. Be prepared for an unforgettable dining experience on the island of mastic!


Location: Avgonima Telephone: 0030.2271.020.577

Located in the village of Avgonima, Asteri enjoys outstanding views to the Aegean Sea. Asteri is family-run tavern with traditional homemade recipes and really friendly staff. You must try dolmadakia with local yogurt and mastic ice cream. And we will recommend to you, as a mysterious tip, to not forget to watch the sunset from Asteri; it is breathtaking!


Location: Kambos Telephone: 0030.2271.029675 Website:

Apomero is one of the traditional taverns of the island located in the village of Kambos. The tavern combines fantastic views to the hinterland of the island with friendly and welcoming staff. On top of all, the tavern distinguishes for its fine meat dishes. Make sure to hear the recommendations of the waiter; he knows everything par coeur! Apomero tavern is a must for anyone visiting Chios.


Location: Chios Town Telephone: 0030.2271.043787 Facebook: Hotzas Taverna

Hotzas is an excellent traditional tavern above the town of Chios. It is one of the oldest taverns of the island with a history spanning more than one hundred years. Situated in an attractive location, this tavern serves delicious dishes of the Greek cuisine including rooster in wine sauce, local sausages and dolmadakia with lemon sauce. Prices are reasonable and personnel is really friendly. Worth mentioning that all the dishes are handmade; this is what makes Hotzas one of the best taverns on the island of Chios!


Location: Komi Telephone: 0030.2271.071054

Ideally located on the waterfront promenade of Komi beach, the tavern of Karavelas distinguishes for its fresh fishes and its wonderful location by the sea. Komi beach is off the beaten track, and this tavern has the perfect setting for a day on the beach. Ask the waiter for the fishes of the day, as you will taste the freshest fish in Karavelas. The tavern’s pricing is reasonable and the staff is very friendly. Undoubtedly, you have to visit the tavern of Karavelas when you visit the island of Chios!

Kyra Despina

Location: Lithi Telephone: 0030.2271.073373 Website:

Set on the beautiful beach of Lithi, this cozy tavern off the beaten track awaits you. Kyra Despoina tavern is a family tavern that is famous for its fresh fish. Prices are reasonable and the staff is friendly and hospitable. If you pass by this region of Chios, it is worth making a stop to taste the delicious seafood of Chios by the sea.


Location: Pitios Telephone: 0030.2271.023364


In one of the most charming villages of Chios, Pitios, one will have the opportunity to taste the authentic cuisine of Chios. Makelos tavern serves handmade (cherisia) spaghetti on a daily basis! Its specialty is braised goat served with handmade spaghetti with fresh tomato sauce and xinomizithra cheese, a delicious dish! Don’t forget to order one of the traditional spoon sweets of Makelos tavern before you leave!


Location: Langada Telephone: 0030.2271.074218

If you are craving for fresh fish, you should definitely visit this charming tavern. Situated in the verdurous village of Langada, Passas tavern is one of your best choices to taste the fresh fish of Chios! This tavern has a wonderful location by the sea, transforming your dining experience into something more unique. Make sure to choose your fish from the kitchen!

Location: Thymiana Telephone: 0030.2271.033352 Telephone: Taverna Roussiko

Roussiko in Thymiana is one of the most traditional taverns of Chios. Famous for its cozy ambience and its friendly staff, Roussiko serves a wide variety of traditional handmade dishes. We recommend the grilled mastello cheese, the dolmadakia and the Roussiko salad. Roussiko tavern is definitely a must visit tavern when you visit Chios!