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The Aquatic Miracle of Macedonia

Under the mists of the lake and the reflections of the Macedonian sky, Kastoria is one of the most atmospheric cities of Greece.Over the horizon, houses with tiled roofs and Byzantine churches create a lovely scenery of mainland Greece. The noble lady of Western Macedonia will definitely seduce with her gorgeousness. Illusions and reflections on the surface of Orestiada lake could inspire even the Renaissance painters from their exclusive beauty. Recognized as one of the most important wetlands in Greece, the lake has a valuable ecological value as it serves as a major shelter for native and migratory birds. Kastoria is an ethereal city that reveals her authentic face through history and culture. Million faces can be discovered through the seasons; frosty from the icy winter, colorful from the blossoming spring, tranquil under the summery sun and golden from the autumn leaves, Kastoria is an all year round destination! Around the calm and crystalline waters of Orestiada lake, Kastoria invades in with the most mysterious way; built on the saddle of the peninsula, the city surrounds this lake, one of the most beautiful lakes of country.From the lakeside promenade of Orestiada, the 70 Byzantine and post-Byzantine churches and the impressive 18th century mansions of Dolco neighborhood, the old town of Kastoria, to the long tradition of fur production from the renowned “gounarades”, the Ragoutsaria carnival custom, and the cultural museums of the city, Kastoria is a must visit. At the end of your journey, the horizon will be lost upon the white fog of absoluteness. Undoubtedly, a journey to Kastoria is a fairytale.