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Plastiras Lake is a human intervention that has managed to unit the artificial element with the natural beauty in the most mysterious way. Conquered from mythical fairies and the Sleeping Beauty, Plastiras Lake is, undeniably, the perfect escape for those looking for peace and serenity, but also for those seeking for alternative tourism activities! Off road driving adventures with 4×4 vehicles, mountain biking routes and hiking paths in verdant forests overlooking the majestic waters of lake Plastiras and the snow-capped Agrafa Mountains await for you in one of the most promising mountain destinations of Greece. Favored from nature lovers and aficionados of alternative sports, Plastiras Lake challenges all kinds of adventure! From the towering peaks of Agrafa, which are ideal for climbing, mountain biking, hiking and mountaineering expeditions, the blue waters of Plastira Lake, which are appropriate for fishing, kayaking and canoeing to the highlands of Karditsa prefecture where travellers will have the opportunity to experience horse riding and archery, it is definite that one of the largest artificial lake of Greece will leave no one disappointed. If you cannot leave without action and adventures, Plastiras Lake is the destination for extreme sports and outdoor activities all year round. The natural sceneries alternate according to the colors of the four seasons; whether you choose to discover the lake in autumn and in summer, to you want to explore it in winter and in spring, it is definite that Plastiras Lake will leave you spellbound!

Alpine Ski: Situated in the region of Karamanolis, the Mountain Shelter of Agrafa (1,536m) is a well organized lodge, fully equipped for accommodating up to 25 visitors. On the eastern mountain slopes of Southern Pindus, close to Voutsikaki peak (2,152m), there is a small ski resort with a ski lift, a green ski piste of 300 meters, snow scooters and equipment rental shop. The region of Karamanolis has been declared as a protected area from the European Network of Natura 2000. The shelter can be reached either from the road to Lake Plastira towards Kalyvia of Pezoula, or through Kastania and the Lake Dam. Both routes lead to the village of Neraida, where the lodge is six kilometers away.

Archery: Archery is one of the most unique sports that needs expertise, practice and skill for using bow to propel arrows. Although archery has been used for hunting and combat historically, nowadays is a competitive sport and recreational activity. In Plastiras Lake, there is a specially designed place where visitors can practice archery. Find more information from Saloon Zambetas (22nd km P.R. Karditsa – Kerasia, 0030.22410.9285) and Tavropos(0030.24410.92552).

Canoe & Kayak: Are you eager to discover the natural wealth of Greece with one of the most adventurous ways? Canoeing and kayaking in Plastiras Lake offers the opportunity to the travellers to explore fascinating fjords, traditional villages and inaccessible places of natural beauty. From novices to experienced canoeing and kayaking aficionados, Plastiras Lake is an ideal destination for practicing their favourite sport with splendid views of Agrafa Mountains. Travellers of all ages will have the opportunity to experience a unique experience through the splendour of stunning sceneries. Take your paddle, wear your vest, bring your waterproof camera and get ready to practice kayak! Find more information from Trekking Hellas (0030.24410.24654) and Tavropos(0030.24410.92552).

Horse Riding: Riding around Plastiras Lake is one of the most popular activities of this corner of Thessaly. As a result of the organized equestrian facilities situated in the villages of the lake, horse riding is occasionally performed from travellers of all ages. Exploring and experiencing the lake while galloping horses on the shores and the hinterland is a unique experience. Besides, who would believe that could perform horse riding by the lake in Greece? Find more information from Saloon Zambetas (22nd km P.R. Karditsa – Kerasia, 0030.22410.92855).

Hiking: Blessed with the finest of nature, Plastiras Lake offers a variety of landscapes and sceneries with various routes and sign posted trails. Discovering the unspoiled side of the lake by hiking and trekking is an experience of lifetime. Hiking through steep gorges and trekking up to mountain peaks, walking through traditional villages and exploring sceneries with unique flora and fauna will give to the travellers an opportunity to discover the mysterious side of Plastiras Lake. Agrafa Mountain Shelter is the starting point for a network of hiking routes, which have been properly marked as guidance for hikers. The difficulty levels are different in every path. Agrafa Mountain Shelter is located at an altitude of 1.536m in the area Karamanoli, near Neraida village. Moreover, there are six ecological hiking paths that have been marked within the Educational Forest Park of Belokomitis. Below you can find some of the most interesting itineraries for hiking in Plastiras Lake.Find more information from the hiking section of the Official Website of Plastira Lake!

Mountaineering & Mountain Climbing: Several kilometers from Mouzaki village, there are many organized climbing fields with ten athletic tracks. The rocks of Karditsa region are of great quality, which is the main reason that climbing lovers are attracted to visit the region on an annual basis. Mountain climbing on Agrafa Mountains offers an experience of a lifetime through various mountain climbing routes in sceneries of immense natural beauty. There are two mountain shelters, namely the Karamanolis Shelter (1,536m) located on the homonymous ski center and Elatakos Shelter (1,455m) located in the homonymous region. A well-maintained dirt road leads from the Ski Center of Karamanolis towards the Shelter of Karamanolis, where the view to the lake is wonderful. Below you can find some of the most interesting itineraries for mountain climbing in Plastiras Lake.Find more information from the Mountaineering Ski Club of Karditsa ( Dimarchou N. Charitou Street, Karditsa, 0030.24410.70946).

Mountain Biking: Mountain biking is the best way to discover the beauties of Plastiras Lake countryside! Eliminating your carbon footprint by riding a bicycle is definitely one of the most respected ways of exploring. Since Greece is blessed with perfect climate conditions, which provides lots of sunshine and sunlight, you can cycle around the lake throughout most months of the year! It is worth mentioning that the surrounding mountains of the lake were used as a training center for the Olympic Games. In Plastiras Lake, mountain biking aficionados will find endless trails, with varying degrees of difficulty, in the side streets to the lake, in the woods or mountains. The length of the route is approximately 35km. Comfortable clothes, a small backpack and a water bottle, a windproof jacket, gloves and hat, are all you need. Are you ready?

Find more information from Tavropos Mountain Bike Center (0030.24410.92552).

Off Road Expeditions: Those of you, who seek for adventure and off road excitement, contact the 4X4 Club of Karditsa that organizes excursions to the less discovered parts of Plastiras Lake!