Meet the Greeks
Alexandros Gousiaris

A Honey & Tomato Producer From Karditsa Thrives In The Worldwide Markets

Address: Ilia village, Karditsa  Telephone: 0030.24440.32379 Website:

A chance meeting was Alexandros’ one-in-a-million opportunity and the golden ticket to spread the magic of his delicious honey and tomato products on the shelves of Harrods, Harvey Nichols and Selfridges stores. Sixteen years ago, Alexandros Gousiaris, a local producer from Karditsa, managed to place honey and organic tomato sauce on some of the most prominent shops of England in an attempt to compete strong product brands on a worldwide scale. In 1996, a meeting with Panayis Manuelides became his success ticket to expand in London; they met in a charity event where Alexandros had a stand with his honey products, where Manuelides tasted it and decided to promote it in London through his company’s marketing and distribution, Odysea Ltd. Alexandros Gousiaris studied mathematics in Heraklio, Crete, but he decided to occupy himself with beekeeping from a young age, as his family tradition with honey travels back to the village of Ilia, Karditsa, during the late 19th century. The family activity in the field of beekeeping started in 1980, with beehives that his great-grandmother Evangelia Barmparousi and his grandmother Paraskevi Dinopoulou bred in the backyard in order to cover the annual family needs for honey. Ilia is the company’s headquarters, with the tomato fields and beehives with a small unit of processing and packaging of products. With love and passion, the Gousiaris family decided to make their dreams come true, as they inherited valuable knowledge regarding the treasures of the Greek land. Alexandros and his parents love their land by respecting their farming practice, and for this reason they have managed to protect the environment in every possible way. 90% of the turnover of the family company of Alexandros Gousiaris derives from exports, and, according to him, exports is the safe way. Organic products have been impacted from the economic crisis in a large extend, as they are more expensive than conventional, and the expansion of activities abroad gives new perspectives to local producers. The quality of the tomato seeds and the traditional way of packaging make a difference in Gousiaris’ family products, and they can survive in a global scale. This is the reason that the family has not undergone large production and collaborations, since the aim of the company is to highlight the small and targeted manufacture of products that have a positive effect in good quality. The true soul of these products is Alexandros who produces, standardizes and distributes his honey and tomato products on the international market of quality products by marking a different path of production and marketing for the Greek agricultural production. According to Alexandros “…there can be no other way for agricultural production and development in Greece, as our competitive advantage is the Mediterranean climate; quality products of a small production scale...”The company was founded in 1996, with the sole purpose of producing honey. However, the company added as an activity the production of tomatoes in 1998, which is grown of the 80 acres of tomato fields in the village of Ilia. Nowadays, the company of Gousiaris family produces approximately 5 to 15 tons of honey and 20 to 60 thousand jars of tomato and organic tomato sauce, depending on the climate conditions of every year. Today, the honey and tomato products of Gousiaris family are available in the UK under the name Odysea, in various delicatessen shops, restaurants and hotels in Greece, and other European countries including Austria, Germany and Switzerland. However, Gousiaris family has set sail for other markets including Hong Kong, Hawaii and Denmark. Since 2004, the first time that Gousiaris products appeared in international and domestic competition for taste and quality, these exquisite products have won more than ten awards.