Symposium Experiences
Classy Restaurants & Mediterranean Taverns

Location: Anthohori village Telephone: 0030.24450.45220

The restaurant of Montanema Handmade Village offers one of the best gastronomic experiences in the region of Plastira Lake.
Extravagant scents and delicate flavors, fresh homemade bread baked in the wooden oven, local cheese products and traditional pies, exquisite free-range grilled meats, traditional recipes in the pot, and vegetables from Agrafa will impress your palate!
Don’t miss the aromatic double distilled tsipouro made from the locals, or the brusque red wine from the local winery!

Location: Neohori village Telephone: 0030.24410.93190

If you want to enjoy authentic dishes of the Greek cuisine, you should definitely visit the tavern of Agnandi, a cozy tavern in picturesque Neohori. It has a simple and neat, cozy and welcoming environment with breathtaking views to the lake.
Agnandi is famous for its delicious pies made with traditional leaf, the famous pies of Thessaly such as “batzina” and “plastos”, while some of its finest dishes include stew wild boar, lamb kleftiko, fried pork, rooster with wine and sausages accompanied from homemade bread.
The rustic parlor of Agnandi with its wonderful terrace awaits to satisfy even the most demanding visitors!

Location: Neohori village Telephone: 0030.24410.93322

One kilometer away from Neohori, with gigantic windows overlooking the fairytale Plastira Lake, the lovely tavern of Manitari distinguishes for its cozy atmosphere by the fireplace.
Travellers’ aficionados will have the opportunity to taste prasotigania, a dish made with pan-fried pork with leek, deer with noodles, braised lamb, veal with lemon and grilled trout fillet.
It is a must to try the pecan pie!

Location: Moshato village Telephone: 0030.24410.20413

To Tsardaki is one of the oldest family rotisseries in the region, made with love and care from Vassilis Korobilis. Homemade dishes with an emphasis to the local products and authentic tastes!
Operating constantly since 1959, in this folklore tavern, next to the fireplace, you will taste traditional recipes of the Greek cuisine and exquisite meats and ribs.
Make sure to leave room for a delicious dessert with yogurt and sweets!

Location: Kalyvia Pezoula village Telephone: 0030.24410.92998

Fagotopi distinguishes as one of the most beautiful taverns in Plastira Lake.
Located in the village of Kalyvia Pezoula, Fagotopi is famous for the combination of traditional Greek dishes with those of the Mediterranean region in a creative mood.
Rabbit with green olives and pine nuts, lamb with aubergines and katiki cheese from Domokos, pitcher with lamb, beef and pork accompanied from red sauce, and smoked trout with beans are some of the its finest dishes.
Pick a table in the lovely garden overlooking Agrafa Mountains!

Location: Kalyvia Pezoula village Telephone: 0030.24410.92027

In the comfortable space of Klimataria, you will enjoy an excellent gastronomic experience through the authentic cuisine and the traditional recipes from the region of Karditsa!
All the dishes are homemade, cooked with skill and great care, following faithfully the Greek traditional recipes and based on natural ingredients. Prasoselino pork, beef with eggplant, grilled cheese sprinkled with sesame cheese, tsalafouti and Agrafa feta cheeses, and much more exquisite dishes straight from the Greek cuisine.
Get ready to taste more than 100 dishes, and be prepared for a festive atmosphere!