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The Art of Olive Oil Making

Two young people from Filiatra in Messenia, Constantine and Christina Strimbakos, decided to realize one of their most aspiring dreams. The evolution of their family tradition in transforming an exquisite Messenian oil into a branded product. And so they did. LIA Premium Olive Oil is the realization of that childhood dream of LIA cultivators. The olive grove and the olive oil of LIA has a continuous succession of images born on the occasion of the prized olive tree, one of the greatest symbols of Greece. Through the years, Constantine and Christina were taught that agriculture is exciting, so their parents gave them the family olive grove, and they began to specialize in producing a premium quality of olive tree. Strimbakos family history, however, goes back in time, as it all started when Constantine and Christina’s parents started cultivating with just 19 olive trees inherited from the kids’ grandparents in 1975. Constantine, a passionate lover who has been involved in the production and packaging of extra virgin olive oil for more than ten years, and Christina, who specialized over marketing issues, sales and communication, along with Dimitris Droulias quality control, standardization and logistics, are very satisfied with their product, LIA Premium Olive Oil, which has completed more than two years of commercial activity. Their goal is to promote the value of the Greek olive oil in foreign market, and contribute to the cultural enhancement of Messenia. For this reason, they have invested in both the production and brand image of LIA Premium Olive Oil. Their olive oil is the Koroneiki variety with low acidity and balanced characteristics. Since the olive groves are located in the region of Trifylia, below Egaleo Mount, cooled by the breeze of the Ionian Sea, the micro climate of the region and the excellent quality of the soil combined with the natural traditional methods ensure the quality in the olive oil. All these factors contribute to the cultivation of olive trees in perfect climatic conditions.What differentiates LIA Premium Olive Oil is that Constantine and Christine are cultivators, and know all the mysteries about olive oil. It is really unique that LIA Premium Olive Oil is that harvest is done without machine intervention, while the product is ISO Certified harmonized with international standards in terms of quality management system standards. As they come from the land where their ancestors produced oil since the Mycenaean times, who devised an entire script, the famous Linear B, for their trade relationships, Christina and Constantine decided to inspire themselves from Messenia’s rich history mythology in order to create one of the fundamental goods of Mediterranean culture, extra virgin olive oil. They created a modern logo, a symbol that can be easily understood, by reffering directly to the olive land and the olive trees of Messenia. It symbolizes the old millstone that was used for oil production. What’s more interesting, though, is that the shape of the bottle has cultural references to the olive oil containers that were used in ancient Greece. By this way, LIA premium olive oil is directly connected with Greece’s tradition and cultural history. The white colour of the packaging protects the oil from sunlight, as inspired and collaborated with Bob Studio. LIA Premium Olive Oil, with the wonderful name that drives from the feedstock of olive oil, the olives, is available in bottles of 500 ml in the markets of France, Belgium and Holland, and soon expected to enter in the market in Germany and Sweden. The next goal of Christina and Constantine is to involve with ecotourism activities, and offer this unique opportunity to travellers seeking for authentic experiences.

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