It’s All About Wanderlust
Stefania's Column

Four woolen sweaters, fluffy socks, four winter leggings, my matching scarf and cap, the coat, my travel notebook, oh, and my brand-new digital EOS camera! This was always my favorite part before the journey, packing up my stuff and drafting lists with the things I should not forget. In just one hour, I packed up my suitcase and I was ready to take off to the Greek mainland! First stop spiritual Meteora, second one at scenic Metsovo, then we headed to the villages of Aspropotamos and we discover romantic Plastira Lake at last. However, I will not unveil you any of the mysteires of Metsovo yet, since it will be next month’s destination. The drive on the Greek countryside was quite spectacular; alternate sceneries with craggy mountain slopes and verdant forests, with huge fir trees, up to thirty meters in height, colored with all the shades of autumn. Red, orange and yellow leaves on the mountain roads overflowed us with feelings of utmost serenity. This is what travelling is, as Ibn Battuta said, it leaves you speechless and turns you into a storyteller. My favorite singer, Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll, was our constant company on the car’s speakers, whose songs have been mystified inside my mind for years, especially the enthralling It’s now or never. What a melody! Back to our journey, the Greek mainland literally left me speechless, as I was trying to capture every possible moment, landscape and scenery with my camera. As Herman Melville said, I discovered places that are not down on any map, as true places never are. Spiritual Meteora, oh that is sure a destination for you bucket list. Can you imagine that, according to geologists and historians, the region was covered from the sea, and a series of earth movements caused the seabed to withdraw? This was the time when spiritual Meteora Rocks were created from various extreme weather conditions! Standing on the gigantic greyish rocks, I was trying to choose my favorite location but it was impossible. However, I picked my favorite monastery, the Saint Stefanos of course, who is the holy saint of my name. Everything is so serene up there, far away from city reality, sometimes it even seems like a fairytale, something unreal, a scene from science fiction. I found spiritual comfort on the monasteries, although I hadn’t lighted a candle for the past months. If you are asking for my advice, you should visit those Holy Monasteries, as believers of all faiths will discover another spirituality on this corner of Thessaly. What literally, however, overpowered my soul was the authentic beauty of the Aspropotamos villages, the homeland of my grandfather, who, truth to be said, I am a lot alike. Without a bit of his personality, I would have never accomplished the project of Mysterious Greece. Surrounded from the mountains and hidden between verdant forests, the authenticity of Aspropotamos villages is one-of-a-kind. The nature of these villages is absolutely stunning with mountains, high pine trees and wonderful gorges all around maintaining an excessive natural beauty ought to be admired if you are visiting Meteora. Whether you are a lover of the mountains or not, Aspropotamos’ region is a must! I am telling you, I didn’t want to leave from this oasis of Mother Nature. Fir trees, mountains and rivers create the most genuine environment one could ever find. The ride from the mysterious monasteries of Meteora to the villages of Aspropotamos was absolutely amazing. Why travel so many kilometers and admire only the monasteries of Meteora? The Greek mainland offers a glimpse of the authentic face of Greece with monuments of unspoiled beauty that you should explore even for once in your lifetime. Are you ready to unveil the mysteries of the region of Trikala? If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me at

At the end of the day, it’s all about wanderlust, isn’t it?

From Mysterious Greece with Love, Stefania