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From boutique hotels and elegant suites to sophisticated villas and state-of-the-art houses, Mysterious Greece unveiled all the mysteries for staying in the region of Trikala!
Doupiani House

Address: Kastraki, Meteora Telephone: 0030.24320.77555 Website:


Situated in the village of Kastraki, alongside the famous hermitage of Doupiani and the spectacular rocks of Meteora, you will find the beautiful Doupiani House hotel in a serene environment. Recently renovated with original materials of wood and stone, this hotel has given respect to the traditional architecture of Meteora. All of the rooms – with a luxurious carved double bed, oak floors, and cupboards – are spacious offering all the necessary amenities with magnificent views to the mountains and the Meteora rocks. The traditional color choices such as olive green, the coral, the indigo, the ocher and ecru blend harmoniously with the warm materials like wood and stone to create a traditional home style. Vivacious owner Toula Naki serves breakfast with local produce around the pergola in the large garden, which is perfumed with the scent of roses, jasmine, and honeysuckle. Characterized as the balcony of Meteora, Doupiani House is situated on the highest point of the region adjoining the roots of Meteora, and promises a spectacular experience!

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Ananti City Resort

Address: Loggaki, Trikala Telephone: 0030.24310.63950 Website:


The brand new Ananti City Resort is built on the top of a hill, close by the city of Trikala, with panoramic view that embraces the plain of Thessaly and composes a new entry that is updating the meaning of hospitality in the region. Situated at a privileged location, on the hill of Loggaki and within close distance from the famous destinations including Meteora, Pertouli, Elati and Plastira Lake, Ananti City Resort ideally combines the comforts of a modern city hotel with the relaxing atmosphere and the great facilities of a resort. The simple architecture that is harmonically merged with the environment, the modern interior design, the pool that is overlooking the cliff, the spa with its interior pool, the roof garden with the amazing Italian Restaurant and Coffee Bar, as well as the fully equipped conference center, all these compose a charming result that will amaze you from the first moment.

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Katogi Averoff Hotel

Address: Metsovo, Epirus Telephone: 0030.26560.42505 Website:


Set among the imposing northwest peaks of Pindus Mountain, in the scenic mountain village of Metsovo, the Katogi Averoff Hotel is the perfect base for exploring a beautiful beautiful region and an exceptional destination. Katogi Averof is a traditionally boutique hotel offering warmly decorated rooms. Inspired by wine and dedicated to life’s pleasure, the Katogi Averoff hotel stands beside the winery of Averoff. Rooms at Averof are uniquely styled featuring earthy tones and dark-wood furnishings equipped with all the essential amenities. The hotel exterior has managed to maintain the local architectural character while its interiors is appointed in a more contemporary, minimalist style adorned with traditional artifacts created from important Greek artists. A stay at the hotel is a unique experience; rest in spacious rooms, relax by the open fireplace or beneath the trellis in the courtyard with trees for company and the herbs that thrive hereabouts. Taste local dishes in the hotel restaurant and enjoy flavors that tickle the palate. Wander around Metsovo and tour the surrounding area. Let the wine’s aromas draw you to the winery, where a world of wine and the secrets of this corner of Greece are there to be discovered.

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Xilino Horio

Address: Pertouli Telephone: 0030.2432.300370 Website:


Located within the alpine landscapes of Pertouli village, the twelve maisonettes of Xilino Horio, which literally translates to Wooden Village, offers an experience of a lifetime. Made from fir logs, with lofts and fireplaces looking upon the slopes of Koziakas on Pindus Mountain, Xilino Horio is one of the most beautiful hotel lodgings of the region. Enjoy the silence of the forest and the beauty of the slopes and discover the rare feelings that the landscape offers; warm atmosphere, alpine scenery, and a hot cup of coffee next the sizzling fire of the fireplace in the main lounge area will make you forget everything. Where nature displays the most beautiful images, Xilino Horio give its best efforts to create a wonderful hotel blending with the original environment of Pindus.

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