Symposium Experiences
Classy Restaurants & Mediterranean Taverns

Address: Kastraki village, Kalambaka Telephone: 0030. 24320.22504

Situated in the scenic village of Kastraki, next to the picturesque village square, Gardenia tavern was established in 1964 and it is one of the most acknowledged places to taste authentic local Greek cuisine in Meteora. The tavern’s dishes along with the unique village atmosphere of Kastraki and the amazing view to the rocks, offers a truly memorable experience. The “must try” dishes of Gardenia include Pork Kebab and grilled lamb chops that are simply amazing.

I Folia Tou Aetou

Address: Vlahava village, Kalambaka Telephone:0030. 27520.77104

Just seven kilometers away from the impressive rock of Meteora, in Vlahava village, you will find a wonderful tavern settled on top of a hill. Except the panoramic view to the monasteries of Meteora as well as the Pindus Mountains, I Folia Tou Aetou, which literally translates to the eagle’s nest tavern, distinguishes for its genuine traditional recipes of the Greek cuisine. It deserves a ride up there for both the food and the view.

La Verliga

Address: Haliki village, Aspropotamos Telephone:0030. 24320.87274

La Verliga is one of your best choices for enjoying the authentic traditional Greek recipes. Situated in the village of Haliki, Christos Zaharis and his mother, Mrs Sotiria, distinguish for their authentic recipes of the Greek cuisine. You should try the traditional pies, the baked fries and the lamb with pilaf of Mrs Sotiria! If you call in advance, you will eat better.


Address: Elati Telephone:0030.24320.71761

Perched on the slopes of imposing Koziakas, Anogi is a place built in the beginning of a new millennium. It is the jewel of the village housed within a building that maintains the architectural local traditions and the exquisite flavors of the old good times. Traditional recipes and homemade pastries are waiting for you for an amazing dining experience.


Address: 2, Pylis Street, Trikala Telephone:0030.2431928502

The renovated and authentic Hani that was built in 1918 stands next to the train tracks, distinguished as one of the jewels of the city of Trikala. A wonderful tavern with classic traditional cuisine and the largest wine cellar waits for you with a rich festive menu.


Address: Central Square, Metsovo Telephone:0030.26560.41202

Galaxias is one of the best restaurants with excellent local cuisine that will steal the hearts of the visitors of Metsovo. Handmade pies, frumenty, meatballs with leeks, pan-fried pork, and the famous Metsovo’s kontosouvli and kokoretsi are just some of the delicacies that you will have the opportunity to taste that will impress your palate. From the rich cellar of Galaxias, you will be be able to choose your favorite wine from the winery of Metsovo and the wider region.