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Background of Maria Koutsamani

I was born and raised in the beautiful village of Metsovo. For me, Metsovo is not a winter destination, as Metsovo is my entire life. I love my village with all my heart, because nature paints with her own attractive way on this corner of Epirus. The colors of Metsovo give a special secrecy to the place. In combination with its cultural heritage and the living habits of the local people, Metsovo gives a special tone to my everyday life.


Metsovo Through The Eyes of Maria Koutsamani

Charming, picturesque, beautiful, traditional, and the list never ends; could you describe Metsovo in five words?

Cozy, dreamy, sophisticated, reference point and lovely!

Undeniably, Metsovo is one of the most beautiful winter resorts of Epirus, if not Greece. However, the majority of visitors seem to overlook the wider beauty of the region of Metsovo. Could you please advice the travellers of Mysterious Greece on the best things they can do during their stay in the region of Metsovo?

A bunch of villages claim the title of the most picturesque settlement. For me, the title belongs to my village, Metsovo, without a doubt. It is a mountain village that captivates the visitors with its amazing colors and its outstanding images. Metsovo will awake even the most dormant senses of the visitors! Must visit sights include the Averoff Gallery, the Folklore Museum of Metsovo, the Winery of Averoff, the artificial Lake of Aoos and the 3 (!!!) winter ski resorts!

From the lovely square of Metsovo, the monastery of Agios Nikolaos with its impressive wall paintings and the Art Gallery of Averoff to the magnificent springs of Aoos Lake, the verdant forest of Northern Pindus Mountains, and the picturesque villages of Kalaryttes and Syrakko,, the region of Metsovo hides millions of mysteries. If you had to choose your favorite location in Metsovo, what would that be?

Unique beauty for relaxation moments of infinite beauty is the artificial lake of Aoos!

Unquestionably, Metsovo is one of the most famous winter resorts of Greece! Could you please give two to three reasons that the travellers of Mysterious Greece should travel to Metsovo?

So, you want to know the reasons why someone should visit Metsovo… Let’s start! Metsovo perfectly combines hospitality with winter excursions. There is a wide range of hotel facilities as well as a choice of many restaurants and taverns for culinary delights. The ski resorts are near the settlement, and there are a series of cultural event happenings during the entire year! I think all these reasons are enough for someone to be convinced to visit Metsovo!

Although Metsovo is one of the most famous winter resorts of Greece, it has an unexplored side unknown to the majority of people. If you were going to give advice to the travellers of Mysterious Greece, where would you recommend them to go to acquire a complete image of the beauty of the main village of Metsovo and the wider region of Metsovo?

In my opinion, the most unexplored side of Metsovo belongs to the field of religious culture. In Metsovo, visitors will have the opportunity to visit two wonderful monasteries. The monastery of Agios Nikolaos, built towards the Metsovitikos River, that distinguishes for its beautiful murals, and the monastery of the Assumption of Virgin Mary, one of the oldest monasteries of the wider region (1754) situated within the village of Metsovo, which celebrates through a big festival on August 15.

Not even one hour away from the traditional village of Metsovo, you will find the lovely villages of Kalarrytes and Syrrako, one of the most beautiful regions of Metsovo. Have you ever visited these villages? If yes, could you please describe to us your experience?

Of course I have visited Kalarrytes and Syrrako since both of them are situated just one hour away from Metsovo. They are two beautiful villages, often called the twin villages as they look a lot alike, with stone houses and narrow alleys that distinguish for their authentic spirit and their hospitable inhabitants! You absolutely have to visit Kalarrytes and Syrrako!

What’s your favorite sunset spot in Metsovo?

Visitors can admire a fantastic sunset from the artificial lake of Aoos, which surpasses in beauty the sunset of Santorini in my humble opinion!

Describe to us your top 5 List for things to do in the region of Metsovo!

  1. Eat the traditional pies of Metsovo!
  2. Wander around the cobblestone alleys of Metsovo!
  3. Visit the Folklore Museum of Metsovo!
  4. Practice ski in one of the three ski centers!
  5. Drive to the artificial lake of Aoos!

Share with us your mystery!

Metsovo is one of the most beautiful villages in Greece that developed thanks to the kindness of its benefactors, namely Evangelos Averoff and Michael Tossizza! Let us not ever forget that!