Symposium Experiences
Classy Restaurants & Mediterranean Taverns

Epirus of the dramatic winters is known for some of the heartiest meals all around Greece. Get dressed with your sweaters, your sneakers and your woolen scarfs, and head to the traditional taverns of Metsovo to taste their meat specialies including kontosouvli (lamb and pork kebab), their trahanas soup (made from cracked wheat boiled), and their terrific sausages as well as their exquisite Metsovite cheeses, especially the smoked Metsovone. Accompany your meal with one of the local Epirote pies with savory meats and vegetables to sweet dairy creams and honey and have a tasteful Katogi red glass of wine!


Address: Central Square, Metsovo Telephone:0030.26560.41202

Galaxias is one of the best restaurants with excellent local cuisine that will steal the hearts of the visitors of Metsovo. Handmade pies, frumenty, meatballs with leeks, pan-fried pork, and the famous Metsovo’s kontosouvli and kokoretsi are just some of the delicacies that you will have the opportunity to taste that will impress your palate. From the rich cellar of Galaxias, you will be be able to choose your favorite wine from the winery of Metsovo and the wider region.
To Koutouki tou Nikola

Address: Agiou Georgiou Street, Metsovo Telephone:0030. 26560.41732

In this tiny tavern, the famous Koutouki (little box) of Nicolas, you will find the most authentic recipes of the Metsovite cuisine, one of the main reasons’ it is a local’s favorite. Try the amazing hilopites cooked in a chicken broth, the fresh celery, the leek beef meatball and the delicious kleftiko cooked with smoked cheese. Haidi is one of the best chefs in town, you should not miss this tiny tavern if you are visiting Metsovo this winter.

To Paradosiako

Address: 46, Michael Tossizza Street Telephone:0030. 26560.42773

The tavern Paradosiako, which literally translates to traditional, is a great dining option that depicts its name in the most elegant manner. Colorful weaving and folklore crafts decorate the entire place making it an authentic Metsovite tavern. Vasilis Bissas, the chef owner, has revived many of the local specialties including the fileta tou dasous, aka the fillet of the forest, which is stuffed with cheese, tomato, ham and mushrooms, the grandmothers bread stuffed with cheese, peppers, onions, bacon and tomato baked in the oven, and woodecutters potatoes accompanies with bacon and four kinds of cheeses. Surely, you have to accompany your meal with a local red glass of Katogi wine!

Metsovitiko Saloni

Address: 10, Michael Tossizza Street Telephone:0030. 26560.42142

Metsovitiko Saloni is a traditional tavern decorated with constumes on the walls, old Metsovite photographs, and carved wooden furniture that invigorate the dining room. Our best choices were kolokithopita, aka a zucchini pie made from corn flour of bobota, saganaki (fried cheese) made with four Metsovo cheeses, and youvetsi, a dish of tender lamb made with tomato wine sauce.