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Metsovo Ursa Trail: On the tracks of the Bear

Athletes aficionados will find their own sports paradise in Metsovo, a lovely Vlach village overshadowed from the magnificent Pindus Mountains, with a delicious local cuisine and a wonderful climate, spreading in a place where nature is none else than the protagonist of the show. The Metsovo URSA Race is one of the most important and interesting sporing events of Epirus, if not Greece, which was designed to get the athletes acquainted through the habitat of the brown bear Ursus Arctos and to raise awareness regarding the environmental protection of the habitat of the brown bear Ursus Arctos.The magnificent route of Metsovo URSA Race passes from old paths, which were managed to be cleared with much volunteer work, used from athletes on the race day as well as from hiking and walking aficionados all year round. These paths are historical pathways of particular aesthetic and natural value. The total length of URSA Trail race is forty kilometers with 2.700 meters in height difference while the race of the On the Tracks of the Bear is eighteen kilometers with 940 meters in height difference. URSA Trail is a blockbuster-sporting event in every possible way, the organization, the hospitality and the racing parts. As Paulo Coelho has quoted …when you really want something the whole universe conspires to succeed… so does the people behind the accomplishment of the realization of Metsovo Race. The strong organization team behind URSA Trail, namely Nick Kalofyris, George Bisas and Lefteris Fafalis, promises series of this amazing sporting event to come in the following years. No wonder why athletes from all around Greece and the world travel to this amazing sporting event!  These people envisioned the Metsovo URSA Trail, they designed it and implemented it, as they found their passion there. They contributed with all of their knowledge and love for sports and they managed to fill the lovely village of Metsovo with athletes who searched a spectacular mountain-running race on mainland Greece. Are you ready to experience the forces of the mountain without reaching your limits on May 29 of 2016?

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