It’s All About Wanderlust
Stefania's Column

Have you ever thought about travelling to the past? Monemvasia, one of the most erotic destination of the Peloponnese peninsula, promises an experience of a lifetime you will never forget! Crowned from the craggy slopes of Parnonas Mountain, Monemvasia, the medieval lady of Laconia, invites travellers to unveil the mysteries of her myths and legends. Thousands of years ago, a vermillion rock sprang from the stormy sea. Resembling the “stone ship” of Yannis Ritsos, adventurous Gibraltar of the East, lovely Menexe Kalesi and imperious Fortress over the Clouds gained only one name; romantic Monemvasia, the sole gate. Praised from artists and captains, Monemvasia is a genuine spectacle of the Peloponnese peninsula. Byzantine monuments, idyllic villages and dreamy seashores will travel you through its million of beauties. Plunging into the deep blue of Myrtoan Sea, with sceneries of extreme wild beauty and medieval glory, Monemvasia has managed to coexist with unique landscapes between the sky and the sea. The red rock of Monemvasia steals the show with her Byzantine allure. Behind the medieval walls of Monemvasia, old memories of love and ancient legends of history come alive in a city of poetry. Silence and magic, romance and fairytales, passion and love, imperious and mysterious Monemvasia will leave you speechless with the distinctive sentiments that will initiate to your soul. Upon entering the imperious castle, everything seems that has sprung from a fairytale of the Medieval Age. Loosing your way in the labyrinthine stone streets, another surprise awaits the travellers. However, the mysteries of Laconia do not end in Monemvasia. Beyond the magical spirit of the byzantine town, avid travellers will have the opportunity to explore the unique identity of Laconia. One of the best things one should definitely devote time to, is the exploration of legendary Cavo Malias; situated on the southernmost point of continental Europe, Maleas is one of the most important lighthouses in Greece known to captains and seamen all over the world. The hiking route to this monument is definitely a must do! What’s more, the lovely atmosphere of Gerakas port will spellbound you! Distinguished for its pristine spirit and its authentic character, the tranquility of Gerakas’ landscape creates an idyllic setting for enjoying peaceful moments. Characterized as the southernmost fjord of Europe, the lagoon of Gerakas offers travellers a spectacular landscape while the settlement of the harbour with its excellent fish taverns by the sea reminds the island atmosphere of the Aegean. Nature lovers should visit the watermill of Talanta that once, along with other ten mills, supplied the extended region with flour. The visit to Talanta Watermill is both educational and pleasurable for everyone, especially for those interested in observing how daily needs were met, without today’s technology. However, an exploration to Stroggili Lake, one of the most important wetlands of Greece for migratory rare bird species, is a wonderful thing to do out of the ordinary. Dominated from scrub and juniper beaches and sandy dunes, Stroggili Laggoon is your ideal nature exploration, especially if you are a lover of birdwatching. At last but not least, it is a must to visit Pavlopetri, one of the oldest submerged cities in the world and the oldest in the Mediterranean Sea, an invaluable archaeological site with an almost complete town plan as it is the oldest underwater archaeological town site in the world dating back 5,000 years. The turbulent history of Monemvasia will travel you back in time through its prestigious fairytales and its medieval glory. Are you ready for a journey back to the medieval times? If you have any queries or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me at

At the end of the day, it’s all about wanderlust, isn’t it?

From Mysterious Greece with Love, Stefania