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The Ambrosia of the Twelve Olympians

Address: Mesohori Voion, Laconia Telephone: 0030.27340.47625 Website: Sotirale-bio.com

The Sotirale-Bio is a family agricultural company, which produces fine organic and traditional products. Their objective mission is to meet the needs of consumers with discerning tastes by offering them unique and original products, products that has rich flavor and aroma. Born and raised in the region of Vatika, the Sotirales are locals, descendants of farmers who maintain their tradition in order to ensure its longevity from generation to generation, since they truly care for the fields and the land. For them, it is a heart felt feeling to cultivate the land, to grow the harvest, to be one with nature, to be a part of the miracle of life. Paraskevas and Voula Sotiralis, along with their family, have built up a faithful following with their range of honey, its by-products (including a honey wine made from a recipe handed down from their ancestors) and organic olive oil. Just outside the village of Kambos, near Neapoli, Sotirale family produce three kinds of honey – from thyme in summer, heather in autumn and from a variety of blossoms in spring – a beeswax skin cream, beeswax candles and olive oil from their organically farmed groves. The name of their land, Vatika, is a dale located between the coastlines of Monemvasia & Neapoli; the land of fertile soil and arid climate where olive cultivation begun thousands of years ago. For the Sotirales, it is not just a job, as it is an adventure. Twenty years ago, driven by health and ecological concerns, the Sotirales embarked in the organic cultivation of olive trees and the production of honey & mead by use of traditional artisan methods. The Sotirale family farm mission is to attend to the culinary needs of some eclectic clientele in Greece and abroad by offering them products of originality & uniqueness; products rich in flavor & aroma as nature intended to produce them. What makes the Sotirale-Bio products so fine is that olive oil comes from tress that are more than a-hundred years-old and honey by bees harvesting heavenly pastures. Organic cultivation, hand-picking, and cold extraction solely by mechanical means within twenty-four hours of the harvest, ensure the olive oil’s premium quality status; where-as the master craftsmanship of our bees and the richness of the Vatika pastures ensure the making of honeys of mouthwatering flavors and delightful aromas. The most unique product of Sotirale BIO is the Hydromel, protected with Patent. Else known as honey wine, Hydromel has a magnificent color and a heady erotic aroma, which used to be consumed only from the Gods at the symposiums and from newly-weds during honeymoon season. It is a drink regarded by tradition as not only the ancestor of all fermented drinks but also as the “Ambrosia” of the Gods; a traditional alcoholic drink made by bee-keepers at Vatika-Lakonia since lost times. Fermented in barrels for 18 to 22 months and made from Water and 3 varieties of Honey; Thyme, Heather and Spring flowers. Its pure Honey composition makes it one of the healthiest drinks! Sotirale’s deep commitment to quality means that they take care of every stage of production, from planting & picking to processing and bottling. This is what ensures the high standards of Sotirale products. All is done in Vatika, locally, under Sotirale’s direct control and supervision.

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