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Dimiourgies Xyloy


Chris Simopoulos’ Wood Craftmanship

Address: Elati village, Arcadia Telephone: 0030.27950.29017 Website: Dimiourgies-xyloy.gr


Among the magnificent fir forest of Menalon Mountain, in the beautiful village of Elati, Chris Simopoulos renovated in the most innovative way, the old woodworking workshop, creating a cozy artistic corner in the heart of Menalon.


Inspired from the grandeur of the mountainous landscape and the magic of lovely Elati, Chris creates unique objects and furniture of great value and quality wood, by collecting from the dense forest of the mountain all year round, with the kind help of his cute donkey.


Chris grew up in Falesia village, of Arcadia, in sceneries of simple nature. According to him, his desire was to have direct contact with the forest, the wilderness of Mother Nature. And he found Elati, in the heart of Menalon, a village that fascinates every traveller. He got spellbound from the colours of millions of fir trees, the views to the distant horizon, and the quiet chirping of the birds, and he decided to stay.


In Elati, there was a forgotten wood workshop. At this very point, Chris gave life to the forest, a place forgotten through time, and he created a fairytale place.

Chris Simopoulos, a wood sculptor himself, built his own workshop. A sculptor, and an artist, as the painter on the canvas. Any parts of oak trees and tree trunks can be transformed according to the imagination of the art creator.


All of his works, carved separately with special care, incorporate the genuine beauty of the artists’ soul, an exceptional example of the Arcadian’ art of wood.


Candlesticks, lamps, tables, chairs, mirrors, hangers, beds, benches, and signs are just a few examples of Chris’ projects that result to people who respect the artistic sensitivity and integrity of his work.


Undeniably, the wood workshop of Chris Simopoulos in Elati village is a must visit, a place where friends, travellers, residents and passer-bys have the chance to enjoy a glass of tsipouro-spirit in the woods, along with a few nuts, figs and chestnuts that always exist in the small table of the laboratory.