Symposium Experiences
Sto Kioupi

Location: Dimitsana village Telephone: 0030.27950.31232

Situated in the central promenade of Dimitsana, Sto Kioupi is one of the most delicious taverns of mountainous Arcadia.

Sto Kioupi tavern stands out for its homemade local recipes and its authentic Greek cuisine dishes.

This cozy tavern of the Papadopoulos family has a long tradition in the Greek cuisine, and the third generation of the family decided to cook the most authentic dishes of the region of Arcadia. Some of the finest dishes you should not miss include the traditional pies, the fresh salads along with the tasteful meat dishes.


Location: Karytaina village Telephone: 0030.27910.31009

Georgantas is a fine tavern that distinguishes as one of the most beautiful taverns in mountainous Arcadia.

Located at the lovely square of Karytaina village, Georgantas is a must, if you wish to enjoy the genuine Greek cuisine.

Try the lemon lamb with wine sause, the braised beef, and the tyropitari, a type of cheese pie. Of course, you should not opt out the homemade orange pie as a dessert!


Location: Vytina village Telephone: 0030.27950.22226

For decades, the tavern of Klimataria welcomes travellers in the charming village of Vytina. Mr. Demosthenes along with his wife, Helen, opened this lovely tavern in 1931. Some years later, their son, Chris, along with his wife, Katerina, decided to enrich the flavor and the traditional dishes.

Klimataria is famous for serving traditional local dishes and genuine Arcadian flavors!

Don’t miss the traditional frumenty soup (trachanas), the traditional pies that Arcadia is famous for, either with spinach or cheese, the lamb on coal, and the rooster braised in wine sauce with hylopites, a type of traditional pasta!

If you happen to visit Klimataria in Christmas, make sure you ask for their special menu!

To Hani

Location: Levidi village Telephone: 0030.27960.22004

In the unique space of Hani, you will enjoy an excellent gastronomic experience through the authentic cuisine and the traditional recipes from the region of Arcadia!

Hani is actually an old inn, that has been converted into a cozy rustic tavern with a fireplace. A locals’ favorite, travellers should definitely visit this lovely tavern of the Xirogiannis family.

All the dishes are homemade, cooked with skill and great care, following faithfully the Greek traditional recipes and based on natural ingredients. Delicious local meat, rooster braised, Kayanas with sausage, tasteful greens, and homemade potatoes, always accompanied from the excellent house wine!