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Towering trees and running waters in the Cyclades? Oh, it cannot be… Or it can? Recognized as the largest pilgrimage center in the country, the noble island of Tinos can also be characterized as an unexplored island of mysterious beauties in terms of the verdant nature, the authentic villages, the ancient heritage, the folklore and the rich culinary traditions of her land. Indeed the endless sandy beaches and the turquoise waters of Tinos act as a magnet for travellers, however the gems of the island are the authentic villages. Mostly mountainous, forgotten in another era but with surprisingly verdant landscapes that do not resemble in any way the barren sceneries of the Cyclades. The fascination of Tinos lies in the hinterland and the nature, the preserved villages with the stone cells and the dovecotes, the ancient rural streets that lead in unexpected places. The mystery of the island lies in the art of painters and sculptors while the charm lies in the taste of the excellent products of Tinos. Above all, the magic of Tinos lies in the faith of the people, the pilgrims and the prayers. Except from the inexhaustible beauty of the island, Tinos is a place of spirit and enlightenment. With a long tradition in architecture, folklore art and sculpture, Tinos has managed to combine art, natural beauty and tradition in a very special way that will touch you spiritually!


Tinos is third largest island of the Cyclades and the most important religious center of the country. In contrary with the other islands, Tinos distinguishes for its mountainous villages and its dense vegetation. The island has a quiet atmosphere ideal for those looking for tranquility and relaxation. As Tinos is famous for the strong winds (especially in August), Tinos is a great escape for windsurfing enthusiasts too! Tinos belongs to  the unexplored islands of Greece owing to the fact that it is closely related to the religious identity. However, this island hides millions of mysteries reserved only for those who are eager to discover the authentic and genuine face of Tinos. If you leave the glorious monastery of Panagia Megalohari, you will come across the mysterious miracles of the island. The true experience of hospitality awaits you! Are you ready to unveil the mysteries of Tinos?


Tinos hosts some of the finest beaches in the Cyclades! Even the most discerning travellers will find their own corner of paradise! Situated on the northeast side of the island, Livada is one of the most beautiful beaches that distinguishes for its tranquil atmosphere along with the beach of Pahia Ammos, the emerald waters of Santa Margarita and the whitewashed pebbles of Lihnaftia. When the air allows you to move towards the northern coastline of Tinos, head to the beach bars of Kolibithra beach, otherwise enjoy your dives at the beaches of Agios Fokas and Agios Ioannis Porto. Another great option is the organized beaches of Agios Sostis and Laouti that offer panoramic views to Mykonos and Delos. Before you leave Tinos, make sure you visit the beach of Panormos and swim to the isle of Planitis in order to admire the old lighthouse!


Whether you are a religious person or not, you have to pay a visit to the Monastery of Panagia Megalohari, the saint protector of Greece, and the Monastery of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the most important pilgrimage center of Catholics in Greece. Tinos distinguishes for some of the greatest museums of the Cyclades including the Marble Crafts Museum, a one-of-a-kind museum that presents the long history of marble crafting of Tinos, the Museum of Giannoulis Halepas, one of the most notable marble sculptures of the country, and the Museum of Tinian Artists housed within the monastery of Panagia. Undeniably, you should visit the mountainous villages of Tinos including Pyrgos for its traditional character and its interesting museums, Falatados for its breathtaking views and its raki distilleries, Hysternia that distinguishes as an exquisite sample of fine marble sculpture, Kardiani, one of the most beautiful villages of Tinos, and Volax, one of the most unique villages of the island that distinguishes for the strange site of huge granite boulder formation that resemble remnants of a volcanic eruption. Hiking lovers will fall in love with the numerous trails of Tinos, as it keeps the old network of footpaths that connect the villages with each other. If you are looking for your favorite sunset spot, head either to the village of Mali or the beach of Gastria to admire the spectacular sunset views towards the vastness of the Aegean Sea. At last but not least, discover the wonderful dovecotes of Tinos, monuments of exquisite artwork found in the hinterland of the island, especially the village of Tarabados!


If you decided to travel to the island of Tinos, you should definitely search for TAMA Magazine, the free magazine edition of Tinos. TAMA Magazine will help you unveil all the mysteries of Tinos just like a local! Find out more from the Facebook Page of TAMA Magazine!


Before you leave Tinos, make sure to buy a bottle of raki! It is the traditional alcoholic spirit of Tinos that you will find it everywhere! Raki is a key element of the culinary tradition of the island. If you happen to be on Tinos in September, don’t miss the festival of raki in Falatados village!

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