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Background of Alexandra

I have been visiting Mykonos every single summer of my life so the memories are pretty much piling up from when I used to be a little kid to this day that I have become the grown woman I am. I feel the island as part of my life and as a part of myself – I strongly believe that I would not be the person that I am today had I not grown up there. Mykonos has filled me up with unique and unforgettable experiences, it has shown me an aspect of Greece’s beauty I have never managed to find anywhere else in the world and at the same time it has taught me a lot about hospitality and cross cultural unity and communication. I really have to thank the island for giving me the opportunity to meet with amazing people from all around the world who have become a significant part of my life!

Mykonos Through The Eyes of Alexandra

Mysterious, airy, cosmopolitan, romantic, lively and the list never ends; could you describe Mykonos in five words?

Magical, Unique, Unexpected, Alluring, Serene

Out of the Cyclades, and all the islands of Greece, Mykonos holds the reigns of the most cosmopolitan one notorious for its white beaches and its vibrant nightlife. As they say, however, every coin has two faces. Could you please advice the travellers of Mysterious Greece, an image of the true beauty of Mykonos, far away from the development of mass tourism?

It is true that many people think of Mykonos as a part of the party world and many choose other destinations when thinking about spending a more calm and relaxed holiday. However, what most people don’t know is that Mykonos has absolutely the best of the beauty this country upholds, to offer to its visitors. In Mykonos, one can find from amazing fully organized beaches, to far hidden crystal clear watered romantic “getaway” spots, beautiful caves to explore, little traditional Greek taverns to taste what Greek food really tastes like and even tens of different sunset spots outside Mykonos town where they can enjoy the beauty of the sunset in a more exclusive and less crowded environment.

From the charming harbour of Little Venice and the windmills of Hora t0 the windsurfing spot of Ftelia and the lively beach bars of Kalo Livadi and Panormos beaches, Mykonos boasts numerous beautiful locations. If you had to choose your favourite location in Mykonos, what would that be?

If I had to choose my favorite location in Mykonos, these would be Tourlos and Houlakia. Both of them are kind of more residential areas located on a hill right above the new port of Mykonos. I highly advice everyone can get to the top in order to admire the view or even the sun that rises and sets right on the sea. Not to be missed!

Mykonos is blessed with some of the finest beaches of the Mediterranean! Which is your favourite one?

My favorite ones are Agios Sostis and Psarou. It’s kind of a cliché, I know, but the truth is that these two beaches have the clearest and colder waters on the island, a vital characteristic for me when choosing a beach!

Delos, the cradle of western civilization, one of the most important archaeological, mythological and historical sites in Greece is found not even a mile away from Mykonos. Delos is history itself, an experience of a lifetime, a mysterious island hosting a series of monumental antiquities on a territory used exclusively as an archaeological site. Have you ever visited Delos? If yes, could you please describe to the travellers of Mysterious Greece your experience?

 I am embarrassed to say that I have never visited Delos, although I have been constantly talking about how its magnetic fields affect the overall Mykonian vibe, making it magically unique. However, I am planning to visit Delos this summer!

And now the gastronomic experience of Mykonos! Celebrated as one of the most cosmopolitan islands in the world, Mykonos hosts a series of high-class restaurants and elegant taverns. Eating is a lively social activity all around the Cyclades! Could you please tell us two or three of your favorite restaurants?

My number one favorite would have to be the little tavern located in Agios Sostis. That would definitely be the best traditional food one could find on the island. Another one would be Ftelia Restaurant located on the beach of Ftelia. Exceptional Italian oriented restaurant with must-try pizzas and pasta. Spilia Restaurant is also must for spaghetti lobster, which is located in a cave on Kalafatis beach.

Your favorite shop in Mykonos!

Leontis. It the local brand of the handmade traditional sandals of Mykonos, which distinguish for their exceptional craftsmanship with years of experience and amazing designs.

Your favorite spot for enjoying a cocktail with a view!

Maybe take a flask and climb up to Houlakia with a just a beach towel to sit on and romantically enjoy the view? Otherwise I would have to say anywhere in Little Venice really.

Best time to visit Mykonos!

The best period to experience the genuine spirit of Mykonos, with less crowds of course, is either early July or early September.

An unforgettable moment of yours in Mykonos!

When I was six and Petros, the pelican, grabbed and bit my hand, and instead of helping me out, my dad was running around with a camera trying to capture the moment!

Your must-visit sights of interest in Mykonos!

Try to visit as many sights as possible; all are equally beautiful in their own way!

Your favorite experience in Mykonos!

Finding a gigantic lost Caretta Caretta sea turtle in Kalo Livadi while riding on a jet ski and trying to move it towards deep waters in order to help it find its way back.

Your favourite sunset spot in Mykonos!

Undeniably, this would be the beach of Houlakia!

Your Top 5 List for things to do in Mykonos!

Horse back riding at Fokos beach! Clubbing at Cavo Paradiso! Eating at Spilia Restaurant! Sunset watching in Little Venice! Experiencing professional Underwater Photography in whichever beach of your choice (most amazing underwater settings and sceneries in the Mediterranean)!

Share with us your mystery!

Mykonos is a very religious island. Try and discover as many little chapels and monasteries as you can, the island is full of them and each and every one of them is truly unique and amazingly beautiful.