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Whether you want to enjoy your cocktail while watching the sunset in Little Venice, or you desire to mix your own in one of the world-famous beach bars of Super Paradise, it is definite that you will find your favorite out of our list with the best beach bars and cocktail bars!

Location: Hora Telephone: 0030.698.244.0540 Website:


In Mykonos, you will witness some of the brightest stars of the Cyclades, while you will have the opportunity to meet the brightest star of all at Astra Bar. Renowned as one of the most enduring and distinguished nightlife establishments of Mykonos, Astra attracts the most eclectic crowd of the island. Designed from world-renowned jeweler Minas, noticed for his unique style, he incorporated a fiber-optic ceiling of the northern hemisphere’s night sky that pulses to the music with over 2500 lights representing stars and constellations. Although this whitewashed cubic wonder is a quite lounge during the day, it transforms into a dance party with international acclaimed DJs on the decks filled with celebrities and supermodels after midnight. Undeniably, Astra has managed to continue its long-standing reputation between rock and glamour culture that keeps everyone partying until the morning hours.

Alemagou Beach Bar & Restaurant

Location: Ftelia Telephone: 0030.22890.71339 Facebook: Alemagou Beach Bar


Alemagou is the ultimate spot for all-day relaxation. Located at the right edge of Ftelia beach, the Aegean blue and the Cycladic sceneries create a unique atmosphere of simplicity with panoramic views to the sea. The architectural Cycladic elements and the dry stone walls blend into the scrubby landscape, creating a unique identity. Alemagou creates an inspiring, yet laid-back ambiance, impeccably suited to the beach of Ftelia. It is one of the unexpected surprises of Mykonos, where DJ beach parties and private symposium experiences will travel you through the unimaginably beautiful island of Mykonos. Alemagou, an ancient Mykonian word meaning “at last!”, awaits you to unveil its mysteries. One of the forte advantages of its location on Ftelia beach is the prevailing natural conditions, the strong winds that add a cool breeze on the 40 degrees of August! Alemagou Beach Bar & Restaurant has been described as one of the leading destinations for jet-setters of Mykonos. Find out yourself why!

Galleraki by Little Venice

Location: Little Venice Telephone: 0030.22890.27188 Facebook: Galleraki


Galleraki was one of the first cocktail sunset bars of Mykonos! Housed in a double storied building of the 19th century, where archaeologists of the French Archaeological Society resided during the excavations of Delos, Galleraki dominates the central part of Little Venice overlooking the colorful houses of Scarpa and the whitewashed windmills of Mykonos. In 1989, Damianos, the owner, turned the first floor of the traditional building into a cocktail bar, which he named Gallery owing to the fact that the previous owner used it as an art gallery. Four years later, he moved it to the ground floor naming it Galleraki (small gallery) due to the fact that the place was much smaller! Since then, Galleraki continues to offer cinematographic views of the stunning sunset of Little Venice and upscale cocktails from fresh fruits. Our favorite cocktail was Katerinaki, yours?


Location: Psarou Telephone: 0030.22890.22440 Website:


Holding the reigns of one of the hottest beach destinations in the Mediterranean, Nammos is the favorite spot for jet-setters from all around the world. Located on the edge of famous Psarou beach, Nammos is divided into the formal dining area, the lounge with the bar and the beach club. Whether you want to enjoy your cocktail in the sun lounges or you desire to taste the exquisite Mediterranean fusion dishes of the restaurant, it is definite that Nammos is your best choice. On top of all, every summer the program of Nammos lines up with various international acclaimed DJs and singers that will definitely peak party-goers interest. Each summer is a story of its own, welcoming the elite clientele, whether that be actors, business tycoons or models. Nammos is the essence of cosmopolitan Mykonos, an all-day-and-night experience.

Panormos Beach Bar

Location: Panormos Telephone: 0030.22890.77184 Facebook: Panormos Beach


Distinguished for its minimal and natural infused decoration, Panormos Beach is one of the “hip and chic” beach bars of Mykonos nestling on the homonymous bay. Its combination of the traditional Cycladic architecture with earthly pastel shades creates a casual atmosphere inviting you to relax under the shade of the desert-camouflage net while gazing to the endless blue of the Aegean! Potted plants, palm trees, lanterns, vases and objet d’art add the finishing touches to the unique atmosphere of Panormos beach bar. Enjoy your cocktail in the amazingly comfortable poufs on the sand and dive in the crystal clear waters of Panormos; certainly, Panormos Beach is a must choice if you are looking for a fashionable, yet tranquil, beach bar.


Location: Little Venice Telephone: 0030.22890.23294 Facebook: Scarpa Mykonos


Situated in the heart of charming Little Venice, Scarpa encapsulates the genuine essence of the island offering memorable nights with fresh fruit cocktails. Famous for its youthful crowds and its fine selection of house music vibes, Scarpa is a must if you are visiting Mykonos this summer. A tip from our team; Scarpa is a great spot to enjoy your cocktail while watching the sun falling into the Aegean Sea!


Location: Paraga Telephone: 0030.22890.29250 Website:


Situated in a natural bay on the southern part of Mykonos, Scorpios is one of the new arrivals of the island nestling on its own peninsula overlooking the lagoons of Kavos and Paraga. As an extension of the bohemian philosophy of the San Giorgio Mykonos, Scorpios is one of the ultimate beach destinations of Mykonos. A cool and airy weather-worn stone clubhouse and bar evoke the Kasbahs of Morocco and the ancient Greek agora. Distinguished for its eclectic modernism and decoration, Scorpios is a hideaway offering exhilarating views all around, especially during the sunset. The airy and cool bar and clubhouse serve as the central hub of socializing, with a daytime ambiance reminiscent of a friend’s living room, while nightfall gives away a more festive energy transforming the space into a venue for special events. Undeniably, Scorpios promises an unforgettable experience!

Solymar Restaurant Beach Bar

Location: Kalo Livadi Telephone: 0030.22890.71745 Website:


Situated on Kalo Livadi beach, a pristine strip of golden sand with crystalline waters, Solymar is the place to be. If you are looking for relaxing summer vibes on the beach, head to the ultimate beach spot for soaking up the sun at Solymar Restaurant Beach Bar. Colorful sofas with fluffy cushions, fruity cocktails and great dishes of the Mediterranean cuisine form the modern identity of Solymar. After all, it was named after the Spanish words for sun and sea! Don’t forget to catch the fiery sunset of Mykonos from this beach!