It’s All About Wanderlust
Stefania's Column

It’s quite weird how time passes. August has arrived, and the summer is almost over! Although Greece is famous for its wonderful #greeksummer, have you ever wondered the images you might witness in Greece in autumn, in winter and in spring? Believe me when I am saying that Greece is a microcosm of destinations. Whether you want to hike up on the mountains or you desire to slide like a pro on the snowcapped peaks of the country, it is definite that Greece is blessed with some of the finest natural sceneries in Europe! The natural diversity of the country ranges from landscapes and places that cannot be found together anywhere else. Unquestionably, Greece is an all-year round destination. However, I will not mix your imagination now. It’s still summer! Hair gets lighter and skin gets darker. Water gets warmer and drinks get colder. Music gets louder and nights get longer. Life gets better during the summer in Greece! Blessed with perfect climate conditions, Greece is one of the best destinations for summer. With one of the longest coastlines in the world, scattered islands and islets are waiting for you to discover them! Whether you want to relax under the sun of the Aegean and dive into the turquoise waters of the Ionian, or you desire to sail your winds in the Greek Seas and enjoy the nightlife of the Greek islands, Greece has it for you! Travel to your summer destination that will fill you up with unforgettable memories! What are you waiting for? Capture your photographs and capture them as #mysteriousgreece and unveil your mysteries!

At the end of the day, it’s all about wanderlust, isn’t it?

From Mysterious Greece with Love, Stefania