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Liontis Handmade Leather Sandals

Address: 55, Matoyanni Street, Mykonos Town Telephone: +30.22890.23482 Website: Liontis-sandals.gr

If 57 years of family business experience don’t make you the very best at you field of experise, then what does? With years of expertise and craftsmanship, Liontis Sandals creates the most beautiful Greek handmade sandals you can find in Greece. Located on Matoyanni street, Liontis Vrakas, the founder of the famous handmade leather sandals, manufactured and sold himself the sandals since 1956 until his son, Giorgos Vrakas, undertook the business. Nowadays, the homonymous grandson of the founder, Liontis Vrakas, 3rd generation of leather sandal creating and trading continues his family practice with the love and the utmost respect for tradition. In the petite store of Matoyanni, you will find a wide variety of flip flops and toggle sandals, all of which are handmade from the finest leather with a rich variety of colors for ladies, gentlemen and children.