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Classy Restaurants & Mediterranean Taverns

Address: 79, Bouboulinas Street Telephone:0030. 27520.27704

Situated on a privileged spot on the promenade of Nafplio, Savouras tavern counts several decades of operation itself, with striking fish in the windows, well known for its fresh fish delicacies. Housed within a neoclassical building, Savouras is famous for its delicious lobster pasta from Ai Stratis Island. If you want to enjoy authentic and genuine Greek food, grab a table and get ready for an awesome gastronomic experience!


Address: 10, Papanikolaou Street Telephone:0030.27520.29883

In a short distance from the main harbor of Nafplio, you will find the restaurant of Alaloum that distinguishes for its unique flavors, its traditional ingredients and its friendly atmosphere. Unquestionably, Alaloum is one of the best culinary experiences in Nafplio. Grab a table, order your quality mezes and enjoy your wine!


Address: 22, Moutsouridou Street Telephone:0030. 27520.25541 Website:

Noulis’ tavern is the most authentic tavern you will find on the city of Nafplio. Hidden in the labyrinthine alleys of the city, Noulis tavern is the locals’ favorite. The tavern serves exclusively homemade dishes, prepared from the owner, Andrianos Andrianopoulos; some of his specialties include fried cheese flambé, lemon sauce with stuffed cabbage leaves, lamb with artichokes and stuffed eggplant moussaka.

O Arapakos

Address: 81,Bouboulinas Street Telephone:0030.27520.27675

Ideally situated on the waterfront promenade of Nafplio, the tavern of Arapakos distinguishes for its fresh fishes, its seafood and its wonderful location by the sea that has earned the wager of exceptional taste and brilliant quality since 1978. Undoubtedly, you have to visit the tavern of Arapakos when you visit the city of Nafplio.

Address: 39, Bouboulinas Street Telephone:0030. 27520.26000

Scuola is the best Italian pizza-bar in town! It is a wonderful restaurant, with an elegant and warm atmosphere, decorated with an enormous bookcase on the wall that will give you the sense that time has stopped at your childhood. Whether you want to enjoy delicious wood-oven baked pizza and traditional pasta dishes or fresh salads, Scuola Pizza Bar is a must if you are visiting Nafplio!

Omorfo Tavernaki

Address: 1, Vassilisis Olga Street Telephone:0030. 27520.25944 Website:

If you are craving for traditional food, To Omorfo Tavernaki is your best choice. This charming tavern is housed within a neoclassical building in the old town of Nafplio since 1968.The old grandfathers’ radio, the view of Acronafplia on the wall, the huge barrel in the corner and the bougainvillea give the impression that you just visited the home of a good old friend. The specialties of Omorfo Tavernaki include chicken with noodles, tiny mezes, souvlaki politico and spicy pork tenderloin 999 steps! Make sure to taste the homemade millefeuille before your leave!