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Explore the Authentic Naval Town

Travelling towards the bay of Itea while leaving behind the craggy slopes of Parnassos and the white pyramid of Giona, travelers will reach the fairytale Corinthian Gulf that creates the most picturesque images in the clear atmosphere of the Greek countryside. Galaxidi is one of the most beautiful naval towns of mainland Greece that maintains the interest of the travelers undiminished every single time with elements of history, naval tradition and heritage architecture that travel the visitors in another, bygone era. The ships of Galaxidi, along with the ships of Hydra, Spetses and Psara, with their experienced crews were the main naval force of the War of Independence, as they easily converted them to military frigates offering the maximum to the national struggle. This historical stately naval town always carries a special charm, as if by miracle, it has managed to escape the building maniac that hit almost the entire Greek countryside. Although the glorious maritime past is forever gone, it will never be forgotten since, even a century later, the maritime city of Galaxidi still maintains its aristocratism and its nobility. Simple houses of the 19th century with hipped roofs are scattered everywhere; their interior is richly decorated with carved antique furniture fine silverware and hand-woven fabrics that the sailors brought from all around Europe. One way or another, Galaxidi is a wonderful destination for your weekend escape. Moments of utmost relaxation await the travelers to be bewitched in the naval town of Galaxidi!


If you are looking for a seaside destination off-the-beaten track, Galaxidi has it for you! Sea captains mansions on an idyllic seaside location reminiscent of an island one of the top reasons you should travel to this destination. Decorated with wonderful mansions of the 19th century, the old town of Galaxidi, which has been classified as a historical monument, has managed to maintain its authentic identity and its picturesque spirit. Galaxidi is a genuine masterpiece of architecture built from expert artists; indeed, Galaxidi seems like it has sprang out of an expressionist painting. The elaborate architecture with the colored facades, the marble arches, the pebbled courtyards with the of colorful flowers, the stone balconies trimmed with old figureheads of ships and the red tiled roofs make up the traditional Galaxidi mansion. . If you want to find your own spiritual freedom and your divine tranquility, it is certain that the town of Galaxidi will leave you speechless. Today, the naval town of Galaxidi is something far more than beautiful with a true spirit of authenticity!


First of all, you should visit the Church of Agios Nikolaos, the patron saint of Galaxidi and the protector of seamen, with its beautiful wood carved iconostasis that is built on the highest point of this naval town and is visible from every point of the naval town. Right next to it, you will also find the Church of Agia Paraskevi, a tiny chapel that distinguishes for its solar clock and the calendar of the Zodiac signs as carved and painted from captain Skourtis on the floor of the church. However, the most important monument of the naval town is none other than the Maritime and Historical Museum of Galaxidi, the first of its kind in Greece, which is housed in a historical building constructed in the late of the 19th century. It exhibits objects associated with shipping and equipment of the ships along with a maritime gallery with an interesting collection of old paintings with different types of sailing ships. The idea of the museum’s creation was of Efthimios Vlamis, a descendant of a local naval family, who had served as mayor of Galaxidi in early 20th century. Most of the exhibits are relics local seamen families that have been granted to the museum.It is worth mentioning that the majority of the exhibits are heirlooms to local seamen’ families that have been granted to the Museum. Of crucial importance is the Chronicle of Galaxidi, a manuscript report to the country’s history for the period from the 10th to 17th century, written by a monk of the Basilica Convent of the Saviour in 1703. Let’s not forget about the treasure of folk art items kept in the Folklore Museum of Galaxidi housed within the naval mansion of Aggeli family; this museum will offer you the opportunity to discover the interior of the old house of Galaxidi through traditional embroidery, old clothing items and various household items. Whether you are a lover of archaeology or not, it is a must to visit the Oracle of Delphi, one of the most important archaeological sites of Greece and an UNESCO World Heritage Site! Lovers of adventure should also ascend to the Monastery of the Savior on the hill of Agia Triada, the place where the Chronicle of Galaxidi was written, in order to admire the views of Galaxidi! In the afternoon, make a wonderful promenade from the central port of Ianthe until the old docks of the ancient port of Hirolakas, the most romantic promenade of Galaxidi, where you will have the opportunity to admire the beautiful colors of the sunset with panoramic views of of the town on the blue background of the Corinthian Gulf!At last, make sure to visit the beautiful and verdant pine grove of Pera Panta to enjoy a relaxing stroll in nature!


Whether you are looking for a boutique hotel to stay with your family or you desire to find an elegant suite to stay with your other half, we have drafted a list with the best accommodation choices in the naval town of Galaxidi! Galaxa Mansion is a wonderful boutique hotel with nine luxurious rooms in different colors, styles and decorations named after ancient goddesses and princesses; indeed, Galaxa Mansion is a wonderful choice of accommodation with stunning views to the town. Nostos Hotel is another beautiful hotel housed within an architectural jewel of the 19th century listed as “cultural heritage building” by the Ministry of Culture. Within a neoclassical captain mansion of Galaxidi, travellers will have the opportunity to stay in one of elegantly decorated and romantic rooms that will travel you to the glorious past of the region. Hotel Ganimede is yet another wonderful hotel housed in a 19th century captain house with an idyllic courtyard.


If you are craving for excellent fish and seafood, you should definitely visit To Barko Tis Maritsas (0030.22650.41059). Try lobster pasta, mussels steamed with lemon and fried calamari. Bebelis (0030.22650.41677) is a locals’ favorite that distinguishes for its homemade recipes; one of the best dishes is the pork with the plums! Make sure to taste the Galaxidi specialty called Kelemia, an onions dish stuffed with minced meat and herbs. Tassos Tavern (0030.22650.41291) is famous for its fresh fish; you will be thrilled from his extraordinary flavors! At last but not least, Skeletovrahos (0030.22650.41303) is a traditional ouzeri that serves delicious seafood in the charming courtyard!


Enjoy your traditional Greek coffee at Themistocles (0030. 22650.41316), the oldest café of Galaxidi, which is housed in a 19th century building on the beach of Galaxidi; you will have the opportunity to gaze at the old photographs and hear stories about the years when Themistocles café was the captains’ hangout. In the traditional pastry shop of Konaki (0030.22650.42258), a pastry shop that exists from three-decades ago, travellers will enjoy delicious pastries from Galaxidi from Mrs. Katerina including ravani cake with rice, amygdalota (almond cakes) and samousades with local honey. When the night falls, head to Melydron (0030.22650.42258) for a cocktail! Housed within a neoclassical building in front of the sea, this is one of hot spots of Galaxidi that organized themed parties and evening with live music!


Access to the town of Galaxidi is easy from E75 highway from Athens to Lamia where you will have to take the exit towards Kastro. Follow the E03 highway with direction from Livadia towards Lamia (Hint: Follow the signs for the Ski Center of Parnassos, Arahova and Delphi). Take the exit to Antikyra and continue to the highway from Itea to Distomo. Afterwards, turn left onto the highway from Itea to Amfissa and follow the signs towards the town of Galaxidi. The journey usually lasts two hours and thirty minutes.


If you happen to visit Galaxidi during the carnival season, don’t miss the unique colorful custom of Alevromoutzouromata where locals and visitors congregate to hurl tons of colored flour to one another in order to celebrate the end of the carnival period every Clean Monday.

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