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The Euchidios Feat


Run with Euchidas, Meet the Muses of Helicon Mountain, Sublimate your Soul at the Kastalia Fount, Wear the Laurel Wreath and Enter the Sanctuary of Apollo As An Olympian Athlete

The transfer of the Delphic flame at Plataea 2,500 years ago, from the soldier and runner Euchidas, constitutes a reference point for 23 years as hundreds of runners run this historical route. The battle of Plataea, the most decisive victory of the Hellenic army against the Persians, and the feat of Euchidas after the battle constitute the main reason for every athlete to run this historical route. The awe and emotion of athletes is great especially at the finishing point when they are rewarded with a laurel crown, a unique symbol and prize of the race, the torch of Euchidas and they set fire in the altar of Plataea. In 479 BC, following the victory of the Battle of Plataea, Euchidas brought the “holy fire” from Delphi as people believed that the region was infected from the presence of the Persians. All these are milestones for every and each athlete! This historical race starts off from the navel of earth, Delphi, a unique archaeological site with excessive natural beauty unique all over the world.It’s such an aspiring race, the Euchidios Feat, where people find bravery, dare and courage and passion to run from the navel of the world, the famous Oracle of Delphi, to Plataea, a total distance of 107,5 kilometers; some even feel the need to attempt to re-run to the footsteps of their ancestors and live with virtue. It’s quite an unforgettable experience, what the wise say for the “once-in-a-lifetime” experience, running at the magic of the night accompanied from the silence and only the sound of trampling on tarmac and gravel when nature is asleep. However, the anticipation of sunrise gives strength and impatience to the athletes, as the beauty of Helicon Mountain is spectacular. Nonetheless, the red lights of the wind turbines and the white lights of the mountain villages can be distinguished behind the shadows of the ridges around the impressive scenery. When the lights sprung and nature wakes up along with the tweets of the birds, other images are born in the landscape; rich vegetation with panoramic views and shadows from the light of the Greek sun create, unquestionably, an experience-of-a-lifetime for sports aficionados. Awe and respect to all those athletes who have and who will run to the footsteps of the bravery of Efchidas. This historical race starts off from the navel of earth, Delphi, a unique arcaheological site with excessive natural beauty unique all over the world. Afterwards, the race crosses the central road of Arahova continuing towards the villages of Distomo and Stiri until they ascend Helicon Mountain. Bypassing Kyriaki village and continuing towards Arvanitsa into the dense fir forest at an altitude of 1.050 meters, the athletes arrive at Agia Anna village. Then, the decent begins of the mountain begins by continuing towards ancient Thisvi, historical Lefktro, the canal of Mornos river, the largest water canal of Greece and Europe, until they reach Plataea. It is quite important to share that the modern Euchidios Feat was organized for the first time as an idea of the runner Panagiotis Antonopoulos in 2000, who run the route by himself for the first time in 1993. A total of 19 control station and supply will be along the route with six water stations and pharmaceutical aid. The 2016 Euchidian Feat will take place of May 7 2016 at 10 o’clock in the evening.

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