The picture was captured above Zogeria beach from Amalia Serafeimaki.

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The picture was captured above Zogeria beach from Amalia Serafeimaki.

Background of Christianna

Having spent every single summer & Easter of my life in Spetses, the memories and stories are endless and the way I feel for the island unique. Every single time I come, until today after so many years, the excitement is indescribable.  It feels like home and  I see myself as a local. I have an eternal love for the island and a desperate need to come back whenever I am far away.

Spetses Through The Eyes of Christianna

Aromatic, cosmopolitan, charming, picturesque, beautiful and the list never ends; could you describe Spetses in five words?

One and Only !!! (3 words) 

White pebbles with emerald waters and verdurous vegetation, Spetses embraces some of the most beautiful beaches of the Argosaronic Islands. Which is your favorite one?

Personally, I am not a big fan of organized beaches! So, the best places of the island for a swim are only accessible by boat. Alternatively, my favorite ones accessible with motorbikes or a taxi, are Kouzounos – possibly the only beach of the island with sand inside the sea and turquoise crystal waters. Pefko, which is a small beach, we found with my friends & named after a big tree that there is in the middle of the beach, which is at the western side of the island. Be advised that you will need to walk down the hill for fifteen minutes!

From the picturesque square of Ntapia, the seaside village of Palio Limani and the Monastery of Agioi Pantes to the beach of Zogeria with its verdurous vegetation, the School of Anargirios Korgialenios and the chapel of Agia Anastasia, Spetses hides millions of mysteries. If you had to choose your favorite location in Spetses, what would that be?

Having spent years of my life in the island I would undoubtedly say that my favorite spot is a hidden bench located at the top of the hill on the southern part of the island which is where I go whenever I am in need of spending some time away from everything and everyone. In a small island like Spetses, knowing everyone gets a bit suppressing sometimes, so you always need to have your personal hidden spot! 

Spetses is one of the most famous island destinations of Greece, due to its close proximity to Athens. Could you please give two to three reasons that the travellers of Mysterious Greece should travel to Spetses?

Because Spetses is an island with no cars at all!!! Only horse-carriages, motorbikes and bicycles! Because Spetses is a uniquely beautiful island, which takes you back to the past with all these narrow alleyways, the amazingly beautiful white washed houses with pebbled mosaics, the blue windows and the bougainvillea flowers.  Because Spetses has an indescribable vibe and atmosphere that helps you forget everything!

And now the gastronomic experience of Spetses! Could you please tell us two or three of your favorite taverns?

There used to be two taverns at the island where one could literally find genuine homemade traditional Greek food. Unfortunately both are now closed down due to the age of the owners. However, you should definitely try Sioras located at the Old Harbour where you feel like floating over the sea as all of its tables are on a deck. Must-try the Greek specialties and the dishes of the day. Tarsanas is a must, as it is the best seafood tavern of the island, also located at the Old Harbor. Try and sit at one of its very-front tables where your feet almost touch the water. Must try before you leave the island the traditional dessert which called “amygdaloto” from Politis in Dapia!!!

Your favorite shop in Spetses!

The Closet! 

Your favorite spot for enjoying a cocktail with a view!

Spetsa bar, the bar with the worst view in the Saronic Gulf yet with the best atmosphere, 60’s & 70’s music, with a big variety of whiskies and the most genuine owner Mr. Kostas. No WI-FI only HI-FI … Don’t forget to try the margarita – best one I’ve ever tried! 

An unforgettable moment of yours in Spetses!

Every 1st of September the Church of Agios Mamas in Dapia celebrates with a wonderful feast, where all of the kids in the island create their own little boats from scratch by using wood, plastic bottles and whatever else they might find, embellished with flowers, little flags and candles. According to tradition, they must throw the boats in the sea, the time the sun goes down in reminiscence of all the sailors that were lost in the sea over the years. Having spent all the summers of my life so far, in the island, I always remember my dad gathering my brother, our friends and I to create our annual boat. The search of the materials, the excitement of the collaborative work , and then finally seeing the boat floating with its candles is one of the sweetest memories of my childhood and youth !  

Your must-visit monument in Spetses!

You should definitely visit the house of Sotirios Anargiros and the Museum of Spetses in order to explore the long history of Spetses!

Your favorite experience in Spetses! 

Being an artist myself and spending so much time in the island, I always enjoy taking part and learning local crafts and traditions. My favorite promenade is at the “karnagio” of the island, where all of the traditional sailing boats are being manufactured by local artisans. I always collect materials of my work and look for hidden gems. Learning how to make the traditional pebbled mosaics was one of the most amazing experiences as it is a craft that you can find only in Spetses and Hydra and with the passage of years there aren’t many artisans left, who know the technique. 

Your favourite sunset spot in Spetses! 

This would be the old lighthouse of the island!

Your top 5 List!

On your way to the old lighthouse, look for Natalia’s Mela sculptures, trademarks of the island.  If you love “adventure”, ask one of the locals to guide you to the derelict house of “XARA” at the top of the hill, spent some time exploring the remains of the 1901 house and chapel and enjoy the view!  Watch a movie at the open-terrace summer cinema “MARINA”, where you will enjoy a good film while having on your left-hand side the House of Sotirios Anarguros, one of the islands must-see monuments and on the right-hand side Dapia.           Ride your bike – or motorbike – and tour around the island! Go for a late-night swim at Garufallos beach, where you will have the opportunity to enjoy the crystal-clear sky with all the stars shining!

Share with us your mystery!

Legend has it that when a newly-married couple swims in the Cave of Bekiris, their love will last forever & their first offspring will be a boy! 

This space is just for you! Please feel free to add anything you think that was missing from the questionnaire!

Although Spetses mostly considered as a summer destination, personally I find that the best period to visit the island is at spring and especially Easter. This is the time when undoubtedly Spetses IS the “Island of the Aromas” as the Venetians used to call it. The whole island has bloom, the Easter feasts and traditional activities are taking place all over the island and because for some might be a bit cold for a swim, put on your trainers and walk up the hill to the “Nunnery of Agioi Pantes” where you can enjoy the island from above and buy fresh yogurt & eggs made by the nuns!