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Background of Konstantinos

I regard myself as a local, as I have been vacationing on the island since 1993. I was practically raised at Spetses! I could say that the relationship that I have with Spetses is unique. Every problem and difficulty disappears the moment I arrive at the island! Its vibe and energy calms me to the point that I adore every single place of it!

Spetses Through The Eyes of Konstantinos

Aromatic, cosmopolitan, charming, picturesque, beautiful and the list never ends; could you describe Spetses in five words?

Positive vibes, Calming atmosphere, Cosmopolitan places, Unique personas & Picturesque ports !

White pebbles with emerald waters and verdurous vegetation, Spetses embraces some of the most beautiful beaches of the Argosaronic Islands. Which is your favorite one?

There is a tiny well-protected bay in the south part of the island called “Pisina”! Emerald waters & serenity in its absolute greatness. It’s a pity that one can visit it only by boat. Another fantastic bay that one can enjoy peacefulness and true vacations is the beach of Zogeria, where you can also taste the amazing local cuisine of the tavern that is located right on top of the beach which also offers an amazing view of the bay!

From the picturesque square of Ntapia, the seaside village of Palio Limani and the Monastery of Agioi Pantes to the beach of Zogeria with its verdurous vegetation, the School of Anargirios Korgialenios and the chapel of Agia Anastasia, Spetses hides millions of mysteries. If you had to choose your favorite location in Spetses, what would that be?

The large bay of Zogeria is my favorite location in Spetses. It is a fascinating bay with emerald waters and calming atmosphere, a place where I usually go for swimming and stay there to watch the spectacular sunset!

Spetses is one of the most famous island destinations of Greece, due to its close proximity to Athens. Could you please give two to three reasons that the travellers of Mysterious Greece should travel to Spetses?

You MUST visit Spetses due to its unique cosmopolitan atmosphere and the positive vibes of the island and its people. Also, the fact that you can organize your visit on the spot (no need for booking tickets since you can just pick a car and drive to Kosta in Peloponnese – the place right opposite of Spetses – where you can pick a ferry, kaiki or water taxi and cross the Kosta bay) is certainly a PLUS!

And now the gastronomic experience of Spetses! Could you please tell us two or three of your favorite taverns?

I would definitely suggest to the readers of Mysterious Greece to have dinner at the “ΟΡΛΩΦ” restaurant where they will have the chance to meet the owner of the restaurant, a fascinating persona and very interesting human being.
Another interesting place that serves excellent Greek food is “ΠΑΧΝΙ” (PAHNI). Also, one should not miss “ΤΑΡΣΑΝΑΣ” (TARSANAS) where you can find fresh fish combined with an amazing sea view.

Your favorite shop in Spetses!

If I had to choose one shop as my favorite, that would be On The Deck at Dapia! There, you will find any clothing you need, from swimming costumes and t-shirts to trousers and shoes!

Your favorite spot for enjoying a cocktail with a view!

Undeniably, the best spot to enjoy your cocktail with a view is the Poseidonion Grand Hotel!

An unforgettable moment of yours in Spetses!

Two years ago, I was invited in a wedding that took place at Zogeria beach. Around 5 am, I felt like taking a nap on a couch. Next thing I remember, a guy from the organizing company was walking me up, telling me that everyone had left leaving me alone at the beach; it was 7:30 am!

Your must-visit monument in Spetses!

The readers of Mysterious Greece should definitely visit Bouboulina’s museum, the house of a historical persona of the Greek War of Independence of 1821.

Your favourite sunset spot in Spetses!

There is a perfect sunset spot on the south west part of the island, on the road to Zogeria. Grab your bicycle or your motorcycle, and make sure to sit in one of the benches of this part! A must experience!

Your top 5 List!

Have a drink at Spetsa – the locals’ favorite! Lunch at the traditional tavern in Zogeria! Dinner at Freud Oriental – Japanese cuisine, located within the Poseidonion Grand Hotel. Rent a bicycle and explore the island.
 Rent a boat and visit the small bays of the island. Make sure to visit the deserted isles of Dokos and Trikeri!

Share with us your mystery!

While in Spetses, try to let yourself free and enjoy the afternoon promenade from the old port to Ntapia. Visit the ex-boarding school Anargirios Korgialenios and check how carefully they have preserved the internal part of the buildings!

This space is just for you! Please feel free to add anything you think that was missing from the questionnaire!

Try to visit the island between July and September. AVOID visiting the island between the 1oth and 20th of August. It is the time where the island is packed and you will definitely not enjoy your visit.
See you there!