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Whether you want to enjoy your coffee in one of the cafeterias of Ntapia, or you wish to dance to the beats of Palio Limani bars and clubs, or even you want to have an authentic rock experience in Spetsa, and taste the mouth-watering traditional pastries of Spetses, the team of Mysterious Greece has created the list with the best cafeterias and bars in Spetses!

Location: Agios Mamas Telephone: 0030. 22980.74131 Website:

Situated a few meters away from Agios Mamas Square, Spetsa is the island’s all-time-classic hangout, where Costas, the owner, plays music from the 1960s and the 1970s. The art of the walls are dressed with an eclectic mix of band posters, gig posters, and photos of people and building of the island; there is also a nice collection of English books if you are in the mood for reading. Whether you are returning late from the beach or you want to enjoy early drinks with your friends, Spetsa is a must if you are visiting Spetses!

To Kafeneion

Location: Ntapia Telephone: 0030.22980. 72202


Undoubtedly, to Kafeneion is the most authentic and traditional shop at the island of Spetses. The famous shop of Kardasis used to be the captains’ place where sailors were even forbidden to pass by! Located in the heart of Ntapia, to Kafeneion is one of the locals’ favorite shops. Grab a chair of one of the marble tables on the forefront pebbled yard, and enjoy your coffee while watching the view towards the Argosaronic Gulf; a priceless experience!


Location: Ntapia Telephone: 0030.22980. 72819 Facebook Page: Roussos Cafe


Situated in the heart of the Π square of Ntapia, Roussos is the locals’ favorite coffee shop! Famous for its waffles and its pastries, Roussos is a must if you are visiting Spetses. Roussos guarantees great quality and fast service, as it holds the reigns of one of the oldest cafeterias of the island. Grab a table on the pebbled floor of the seaside promenade, order your waffle with your favorite ice cream flavor and topping, sit back and enjoy the view!


Location: Agios Mamas Telephone: 0030.22980.73031 Facebook: Votsalo Espresso & Cocktail Bar


Somewhere among the countless pebbles you will find yours! Votsalo is one of the newest cocktail bars of the island that will gain your attention from the first moment! Votsalo is undoubtedly the ultimate street cocktail bar in Spetses. With its carefully chosen music, it creates vivid memories from your visit on the Greek island. From Pomegranate Martini with Raspberry Foam to Pepper Passion, Red Sweetie and Berry Veggie, Votsalo knows all about mixing the right ingredients in its glorious cocktails. An island breeze wraps you from the moment you walk in, on the one traditional stone and pebble data prevailing in the shop and on the other the built insularity sofa, all in shades of white and blue!


Location: Ntapia Telephone: 0030.22980. 72003 Facebook Page: Ntapia Porto Cafe


Situated on the harbour of Ntapia, Porto one of the meeting points of the center of Spetses, as its name indicates its positions. Housed within a stunning neoclassical building, Porto is the ideal spot to enjoy your coffee in one of the tables on its balcony with panoramic views of the Saronic Gulf. Its comfortable sofas, cozy atmosphere and its unique location makes it ideal for a relaxing, high quality coffee or a light meal all day long. In the evening, Ntapia Porto Cafe offers signature cocktails on the sounds of music giving its visitors a night to remember.


Location: Palio Limani Telephone: 0030.22980.74888 Facebook: Bikini Cocktails & Snacks


Undeniably, Bikini in Spetses is the best cocktail bar of the island. Located in a magnificent location over the sea, Bikini knows all about the mysteries of great cocktail recipes. From Funky Calypso and Doping Control to Oki Monkey and Coconut Cream Share, the cocktail list of Bikini will thrill you. On top of that, you will have the opportunity to select a wide range of gastronomic delights in Bikini! Our favorite cocktail was Waterloo Mule; pick yours and tag it with the hashtag #mysteriousgreece, as we highly recommended it!


Location: Agios Mamas Telephone: 0030.22980.73725 Website:


Undoubtedly, Klimis is one of the most traditional cafeterias of Spetses. Renowned for its delicious breakfast, its homemade almond cakes of Amygdalota and its loukoumades, it is definite that Klimis promises an unforgettable experience. Klimis’ family business follows recipes unchanged over the years! That’s why the locals’ praise their products for their quality and taste! Make sure to taste the millefeuille, the kataifi, the custard pie and the chocolate tart!

To Posto

Location: Ntapia Telephone: 0030.22980.74487 Facebook Page: To Posto


Ideally situated a few meters away from the harbor of Ntapia, Posto is the ultimate shop to taste its mouth-watering ice cream flavors! Just before you salute Spetses, say the sweetest aurevoir to this aromatic island by tasting its ice-cream flavors! Our favorite will always be vanilla from the machine on the biscuit cone with hot-chocate topping! Yours?