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Find the finest traditional amygdalota of Spetses

Address: Ntapia, Spetses Town Telephone: 0030.22890.72248

The traditional Spetsiot amygdalota is the complete guilt of sugar-and-sweets-lovers and a strong incentive to fall in love with the island! Drenched with loads of sinful sugar, the tasteful local almond marzipans, known as amygdalota, is do die for! They are tiny, pear-shaped pastries, and sweet bites, which are the local specialty of Spetses, and one of the main reasons for the huge growth of the merchant fleet of Spetses in the 18th century. Through the passage of time, the island of Spetses became famous for their traditional amygdalota, since it served as a typical sweet in the huge development of the merchant fleet of Spetses by the special Spetsiot recipe. The unique recipe of the Spetsiot of amygdalota, which was manufactured with almonds, sugar and rose waters, without the use of butter and eggs, so as to be able to be stored for a long period of time; so, amygdalota was the greatest good for export trade, as the the naval crews of the commercial yachts of Spetses made long trips over the Mediterrranean. Today, travellers of Mysterious Greece will find many confectionary worshops that make traditional amygdalota amongst other desserts. However, the confectionary of Politis in Ntapia is the most famous confectionary that was established in 1927. Before you leave from Spetses, make sure to take with you small packages of amygdalota, properly packed to fit in your suitcase, and give them away to you friends to culinary-travel to the island of Spetses!Enjoy the sweetest pleasure of Spetses, a delicacy you should definitely try when you visit the island of aromas.