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From boutique hotels and elegant suites to sophisticated villas and state-of-the-art houses, Mysterious Greece unveiled all the mysteries for staying in Spetses!
Orloff Resort

Location: Agia Marina Telephone: 0030.22980.75444 Website:


Characterized as one of the most elegant boutique hotels of Spetses, Orloff Resort will definitely leave you speechless. The vision of Christos and Vassilis, the founders of this wonderful hotel, was to create a hotel with the most tranquil atmosphere you could possibly found on this island, and they did accomplished it! Orloff Resort is a rare breath of what minimal really means. Hidden within the cobblestone grounds of the 19th century family mansions, its whitewashed buildings cluster round an emerald pool with pebbled paths and designed deckchairs shaded from ancient olive trees. Materials such as marble, wood, pebbles and limestone create a place of tranquility to rest mind and body. Eighteen rooms with minimal design, simple lines and neat décor await for you to welcome you to the island of aromas. Undeniably, Orloff Resort is a modern retreat decorated with the simplest and finest of the 21st century’s design.

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Poseidonion Grand Hotel

Location: Ntapia Telephone: 0030. 22980.74248 Website:


Established in 1914 from the greater benefactor of Spetses, Sotirios Anargyrios, Poseidonion Grand Hotel is the genuine landmark of Spetses’ skyline that has been described as one of the most luxurious hotels of Europe. Where history matches with cosmopolitan sparkle, where naval tradition competes with the spiritual growth and vision, there exactly stands Poseidonion Grand Hotel. The design of Poseidonion Grand Hotel harmonically combines Belle Époque splendor with 21st-century luxuries. Striking, outstanding and impressive, the stylish fifty-eight rooms and the impressive suites of this hotel seamlessly mixture original features, contemporary furniture and state-of-the-art facilities and the palm garden surrounds the blue swimming pool. Oh, and its legendary verandah, a sweeping terrace overlooking the grand blue of the Aegean Sea, is undoubtedly the most beautiful part of Poseidonion Grand Hotel. Poseidonion Grand Hotel will take you on a journey through time through and genuine wave of warm, luxurious and authentic hospitality.

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Villa Nika

Location: Agia Marina Telephone: 0030.22980.73430 Website:


Perfectly situated in the region of Agia Marina, Villa Nika is your best choice if you are looking for total relaxation, seclusion and isolation from the hustle and bustle of the town of Ntapia. It is a luxurious complex with a mix of seven first class suites and apartments, well equipped to the highest standards, comfortable and spacious and a spectacular balcony with an emerald pool for refreshing dives! Maria, the kind hostess who looks after Villa Nika with care and love, will provide you with the best of Greek hospitality; it, literally, can’t get any better! You will definitely feel like home! Desiring to nestle in a calming and carefree place on the island of aromas with your family, your friends or your other half? Villa Nika is for you! What are you waiting for?

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Zoe’s Club

Location: Ntapia Telephone: 0030.22980.74447 Website:


Conveniently located in the heart of Spetses, Zoe’s Club offers breathtaking sea views from its wonderful open-air verandah. Unquestionably, Zoe’s Club is one of the finest boutique hotels of Spetses; it is a small complex with twenty-two luxurious apartments and elegant marionettes, individually designed and equipped to the highest standards, surrounded from the wonderful poolside area and its fig and olive trees. With traditional materials, such as roof tiles, terracotta and local marble used on the floors, Zoe’s Club composes its personal identity, based on luxury and cozy design. Inspired from the cosmopolitan atmosphere and the vivid identity of Spetses, this 19th century building blends with the traditional architecture of island, promising comfort, privacy and luxury and an unforgettable stay even to the most demanding travellers.

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Xenon Estate

Location: Kokkinaria Telephone: 0030.22980.75210 Website:


Perched on one of the most isolated corners of Spetses, the Kokkinaria hill, Xenon Estate is an exclusive villa resort boasting three luxurious hilltop residences with a sprawling swimming pool and majestic vistas over the main village of Spetses and the endless blue of the Saronic Gulf. Surrounded from wonderful natural surroundings, each and every villa, Althea, Astrea and Lethe, named after legends of the Greek mythology, combines traditional architecture with elegant touches of contemporary design creating a tranquil and serene atmosphere. Set in beautifully landscaped gardens, the open-air scenery is completed from gnarled olive trees, sun-bleached pebbles, flower-covered pergolas, and a glorious pool with wooden decking and canvas loungers. Xenon Estate’s ambiance offers absolute tranquility, serenity and privacy; so, if you are looking for peace and seclusion, Xenon Estate is the best choice for you

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Economou Mansion

Location: Kounoupitsa Telephone: 0030.22980.73400 Website:


Built in 1851 by the famous captain Michail Economou, this well-preserved mansion stands on the seaside promenade of Kounoupitsa region. Undeniably, it is one of the most authentic, traditional and historical mansions of Spetses offering elegant accommodation choices. Decorated with furnishings of the 19th century, Economou Mansion swings moments of another era; aromas of levanter on the chest of drawers, lace handmade curtain hanging on the windows, and pebbled mosaic-yards surrounded from stone walls will travel visitors to another, bygone epoch. It is quite interesting that the old kitchen of the mansion is one of the most impressive rooms of the establishment that keeps all the original atmosphere of the past. Well equipped with all modern amenities, with great respect of the unique and traditional architecture, the six spacious rooms and elegant suites offer comfort even to the most discerning travellers. Are you ready to travel to the rich historical past of Spetses?

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Mare Monte

Location: Agios Mamas Telephone: 0030.22980.77122 Website:


Situated in an old neighborhood of Agios Mamas, this traditional boutique hotel promises an unforgettable stay. A historical building itself, erected in 1762 by an old aristocratic family of Spetses, the hotel comprises from six luxury units, including two suites and four apartments, refurbished according to the highest standards to provide a sophisticated ambience to its guests, a mix of unique traditional character with modern luxurious facilities. The mansion, with the thick, stone-built walls, has been totally renovated by its current owners, the Markou family, in an exemplary way only befitting its historical identity, so that today it is transformed into a most elegant group of apartments equipped with all modern amenities. The refined ambience of the suites is showcased by the ample sunlight let in through the large windows, while decorative elements like traditional wooden ceilings, chandeliers and elegant furniture, impressively mix the past with the present creating a feel of private luxury. In this exceptional environment, Mare Monte provides calm and stylish accommodation, a precious sense of exclusivity and exemplary services, only a short stroll away from the picturesque promenade of Spetses.

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