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Classy Restaurants & Mediterranean Taverns

Location: Palio Limani Telephone:0030.22980.74490 Website:


Ideally situated on the waterfront promenade of Palio Limani, the tavern of Tarsanas distinguishes for its fresh fishes and its wonderful location by the sea. Tarsanas has a unique ambience with amazing views to Palio Limani. The fact that the fishermen-owner run a bench in the fish market is a plus. Ask the waiter for the fishes of the day, as you will taste the freshest fish in Tarsanas. Undoubtedly, you have to visit the tavern of Tarsanas when you visit the island of Spetses!


Location: Agios Nikolaos Telephone: 0030.22980.75255 Website:

Located right at the entrance of the Old Harbor of Spetses, Orloff Restaurant is housed in a historical building of the 19th century with the most incredible natural veranda of the island. Pure ingredients, traditional Greek cooking, exceptional hospitality, great service, a magical view and good music are all the foundations of Orloff restaurant featuring the best of Greek and Mediterranean recipes. Grab a table, order your quality mezes and enjoy your wine overlooking the unimaginable view of the Old Harbour.
Zogeria’s Tavern

Location: Zogeria Telephone: 0030.694.462.7851 Facebook: Spetses Zogergia

Zogeria’s tavern is the most authentic tavern you will find on the island of Spetses. Set on the beach of Zogeria, the most beautiful beach of the island, the tavern of Loula is famous for its braised chicken and its meatballs with spaghetti, potatoes or salad. It’s as simple as that. You don’t have much to choose. Grab a table of the front row, order your preffered dish and a white or red wine jug, sit back and enjoy the view! Undeniably, Zogeria’s Tavern is a must if you are visiting Spetses!

Location: Kokkinaria Telephone:0030.22980.75299


If you are craving for traditional food, Pahni is your best choice. In a quarter above Palio Limani, namely Analipsi, you will find Mr. Kostas with his tiny tavern filled with wooden barrels and old photos. Masterfully cooked meats, fresh broad beans, octopus cooked in vinegar, salads with vegetables from the garden and Santorini fava in large portions will fill your stomach with the freshest ingredients and genuine dishes you could ever find on this island. Whether you are visiting Spetses in summer or in winter, Mr. Kostas is always open!


Location: Ntapia Telephone: 0030.22980.73033 Website:

You could not possibly forget the name of this tavern as it was named after the famous heroine of the Greek Independence War of 1821. Located in front of the fish market, Bouboulina’s tavern distinguishes for its great hospitality and its delicious dishes. Unquestionably, Bouboulina knows all about fresh fish and delicious seafood. Mysterious Greece unveiled this mysterious spot from some Spetsiot locales, and undeniably we will recommend it to you.
Nero Tis Agapis

Location: Kounoupitsa Telephone: 0030.22980.74099 Website:


Situated in the region of Kounoupitsa, Nero Tis Agapis is one of the best restaurants of Spetses that distinguishes for its exquisite dishes of Mediterranean cuisine. Set on a wonderful location, with a wooden terrace over the sea, Nero Tis Agapis offers a wide selection of seafood along with tasteful pasta dishes and hearty salads. Undoubtedly, Nero Tis Agapis is one of your best dining choices in Spetses.


Location: Kounoupitsa Telephone: 0030.22980.74749 Website:

In a short distance from the main harbor of Ntapia, you will find the district of Kounoupitsa. Situated on the sandy seashores, the tavern of Acrogialia is one of the best dining options in Spetses. Order a bottle of ouzo and accompany it with a selection of hot and cold appetizers cooked with selected quality materials. Unquestionably, Acrogialia is a wonderful lunch-choice after the beach.

Location: Palio Limani Telephone: 0030.22980.73497


Situated on a privileged spot off a wooden platform on the sea, Exedra is one of the oldest taverns of Spetses that distinguishes for its fresh seafood and delicious fishes. This cozy tavern has a wonderful setting to chill out, an ideal spot to catch the sunset. Whether you want to have lunch after the beach or you prefer to enjoy your dinner, Exedra of Sioras is an excellent choice.