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Aristocratic Allure, Verdant Sceneries and Luscious Aromas



When you arrive at Spetses, you will enjoy mysterious aromas pouring gently from the lush courtyards of the houses. Undoubtedly, Spetses is the island of aromas. Spetses, an island with cultural and naval tradition, distinguishes for its picturesque character and its traditional identity. The Posidonion Hotel, the jewel of the island, aristocratically stands in front of the beautiful square with the statue of Laskarina Bouboulina, one of the greatest heroines of the Independence War of 1821.  Lush verdant forests, emerald waters and picturesque houses create images of pristine beauty. And your journey begins from the charming town of Ntapia with the distinctive pebbled courtyards and its beautiful “balcony” overlooking the endless blue of the Saronic Gulf. Walking along the seafront cobblestone promenade, you will be enchanted from the cannons decorating the chapel of Agios Mamas, the beautiful white and blue seafarer houses of Agios Nikolaos, the romantic chaises riding along the waterfront, the traditional shipyards of Palio Limani and the endless view of the fishing caiques sailing from the old harbour. Lose your way among the narrow alleyways behind the majestic beauty of the seaside promenade! Discover the discreet charm of the whitewashed houses with the pebbled mosaics, the blue windows and the bougainvillea courtyards that transform your promenade in an adventure overlooking an unexpected view to the endless blue of the Aegean sea. Are you ready to unveil the mysteries of Spetses?

Aegean Blue

Emerald, Turquoise & Sapphire Waters



Lined up from verdant pine forests and crystal clear waters, Spetses are blessed with some of the finest beaches of the Argosaronic Gulf. Hop into one of the traditional caïques to visit the mysterious caves and the hidden gems of Spetses or rent a bicycle to discover your secret paradise by exploring the island inch by inch. If you are looking for an authentic experience, then ask the locals for their favorite beach or even rent a caïque so that you can understand the genuine spirit of the Greek sailors! It is definite that you will find your own corner of paradise at Spetses!

Zogeria: A Verdurous Paradise



Situated on the northern coast of the island, Zogeria is acclaimed as the protagonist of all Spetses’ beaches. Covered from a thick pine forest through the emerald waters of the coast, Zogeria distinguishes for its magical sceneries. Whether you want to enjoy a dive of the secluded spots of the natural bay or you prefer to relax in one of the loungers of the main beach, it is definite that Zogeria will challenge you to come again. If you are an adventurer, head to the chapel of Agios Georgios to enjoy moments of utmost serenity. Before you leave, make sure to taste the authentic and traditional Greek dishes from the tavern of Zogeria beach.
Xylokeriza: Distinctive Beauty


Nestled in a wonderful natural cove, Xylokeriza is yet another beach located on the southeast part of the island. This beach holds the reigns of one of the remotest beaches of Spetses that distinguishes for its glittering emerald waters and its serene natural sceneries. Xylokeriza beach provides wonderful views to the verdant private-owned isle of Spetsopoula. If you visit the beach with motorcycle, make sure to continue the road on the left before your leave in order to enjoy a panoramic view of Xylokeriza. Don’t forget your camera!

Kouzounos: Seclusion At Its Finest



Lying on the southeastern side of the island, lovely Kouzounos beach promises moments of utmost calmness. Surrounded from lush landscapes, tiny coves and pristine waters, this beach is blessed with stunning sceneries. Kouzounos offers wonderful views to the verdant private-owned isle of Spetsopoula. Enjoy your swim and relaxing day in the peacefulness of this unsophisticated beach!

Garyfalo: Locals’ Favourite



Favored from the locals, Garyfalo is one of the best-kept secrets of Spetses. Located in a close proximity from the harbor of Palio Limani, Garyfalo distinguishes for its isolation; an ideal spot to enjoy swimming! Lay on the whitewashed pebbles and enjoy the utmost serenity of the sun on the absolute silence of the Aegean waves. It would be a great idea to bring a basket with munchies in order to enjoy the wonderful colors of the afternoon. No matter how many days you visit Spetses, the beach of Garyfalo is a must!

Agia Paraskevi: Shadowed from the Forest



Endowed with sceneries of absolute beauty, Agia Paraskevi is one of the most beautiful beaches of Spetses located on the southern side of the island. A mixture of small pebbles and crystal clear waters surrounded from bliss of pine trees down to the sea awaits for you in order to show you the most serene face of Spetses! The beach of Agia Paraskevi owes its name to the homonymous chapel standing a few meters inland from the edge. Enjoy your siesta under the shadowy pines and do not opt this beach out from your list!

Agios Nikolaos: Down from the Monastery



Situated at the center of the promenade of Ntapia – Palio Limani, Agios Nikolaos is one of the most beautiful beaches of Spetses. Lined up from the white and blue seafarers mansions, the beach is set under the Cathedral of Agios Nikolaos. If you are looking for a pebbled beach to enjoy a swim in crystalline waters, then Agios Nikolaos beach is for you! Above all, Agios Nikolaos is one of the locals’ favorite beaches! Undeniably, this beach is a must if you are visiting Spetses!

Kaiki: Dance to the Beats of Music

Situated opposite the Anargyrios Korgialenios School, Kaiki beach is yet the best-organized beach of Spetses located on the northeast coast of the island. Renowned for its summer beach parties and its water sport facilities, Kaiki beach is well equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas, bars and restaurants. If you are a sport aficionado, you should definitely play beach volley with your pals under the Aegean Sea! Weather permitting, you will find a windsurfing center on the right edge of the beach. Practicing windsurfing between the coasts of Spetses and Peloponnese can be ecstatic!

Agioi Anargyri: A Secret Gem Shaded from the Forest



Agioi Anargiri is one of the longest beaches of Spetses situated on the southern part of the island. It has a mixture of sand, shingle and pebbles stretching to the entire beach. Agioi Anargyri beach is well organized with sunbeds, umbrellas, water sport facilities, and a traditional tavern. However, the true gem of Agioi Anargyri is the cave of Bekiris; it is one of the most beautiful spots of the island! Characterized as the cave of filmmakers of the 50s, the cave will fascinate you with its beauty. The interior of the cave is astonishing with emerald waters and stalactites formations. According to tradition, the cave was used from the Spetsiots in order to hide the women during the Ottoman occupation. Legend says that if you and your other half drink water from the source inside the cave, your love will last forever.

Vrellos: Forests Fading to the Sea

Renowned as one of the most organized beaches, Vrellos beach is located on the western coast of the island. Lots of people, suntanned bodies and suntan scents, music that travels you far, and the most tempting blue sea, are the basic pieces that compose a splendid jigsaw. This is the Vrellos Beach. Beach parties are occasionally held on the peak of the events! In this location, you feel that even summer itself, found the ideal beach to stay forever! Indeed, the summertime lasts more, here! There is a ground beach volley next to the beach, but in a safe distant, to avoid any nuisance to the swimmers. Racquet playing is available all along the beach, nevertheless it is far more enjoyable in waters or behind the beach bar.
Must Visit

Discover the History of the School of Anargyrios Korgialenios

Location: Kaiki Telephone: 0030.210.3613.751 Website:



Founded from Sotirios Anargyros and Marinos Korgialenios, the greatest benefactors of the island, the School of Anargyrios Korgialenios is the most important establishments of Spetses, if not Greece. Known as the inspiration for the school in John Fowles’s The Magus, this institution was established in 1927 as an English-style boarding school for the male students of Greece’s Anglophilic upper class. Sotirios Anargyros was a Greek marine merchant who immi­grated to America and worked hard at a tobacco-plant at the end of the 19th century. When he made a great fortune out of it, he moved back to his homeland, Spetses, and made as his lifetime goal to develop the island. He decided to focus on two areas of development, tourism and education, which he thought would be ideal for that place and time. To support the first goal he built the famous POSEIDONION hotel and then bought half of the island, which had been deforested in order to support the many famous shipyards of the island, and planted it with pine-trees. Regarding education, supported by the great Greek prime-minister Eleftherios Venizelos, who envisioned the establishment of an educational institution that would educate the leaders for the nascent Greek society, a vision which Anargyros endorsed, he built in the 1920’s, together with another benefactor, Marinos Korgialenios, the Anargyrios and Korgialenios School of Spetses – AKSS to emulate the famous British schools Eton and Harrow. Anargyros died in 1928, some short weeks after the establishment of the Anargyrios & Korgialenios School of Spetses Foundation. Today, the AKSS serves as an ideal venue for conferences, seminars, symposiums, meetings & summer schools, of varying educational fields. Nevertheless, visitors can still take a free peek within the premises of the school and stroll around the fabulous gardens throughout the year.

Explore the History of Spetses at Bouboulina’s Museum

Location: Ntapia Telephone: 0030.22980.72416 Website:



If you are history lovers, you should definitely visit Bouboulina’s Museum. Laskarina Bouboulina was one of the greatest heroines of the Greek War of Independence of 1821, the only woman admiral in world naval history. She was the bravest of all Spetsiot revolutionaries, the daughter of a Hydriot sea captain, and the wife—then widow—of two more sea captains. The museum was founded from Philip Demertzis – Bouboulis, a fourth generation descendant of Bouboulina, in his effort to save the mansion of the heroine from collapsing. A 300 – year old mansion will guide you through the story of Bouboulina, from her birth inside the prisons of Constantinople, and her revolutionary fight for freedom, to her untimely and tragic death. The brief history of Laskarina Bouboulina’s story is available in 23 languages!! It is worth visiting the museum for its interesting collection of weapons, official documents and letters, books and personal items of the heroine. On top of that, keep in mind that the Cultural Festival of Bouboulina’s Museum  is held each summer with a plethora of events, including opera, theater, traditional Greek music, dance, jazz, classical music and much more. Don’t miss it!

Find Traditional Harmony at the Spetses Museum


© Spetses Museum

The Mansion of Hatziyannis – Mexis, a magnificent 200-year old building with high ceiling – roofs houses the Spetses Museum. Constructed in the end of the 18th century, the building used to belong to the first governor of Spetses. Walking along the traditional establishment, a sense of history unveils in front of your eyes.   The objects exhibited represent more than four thousand years of the island’s cultural history. On display within the museum are the traditional costumes, weaponry as well as household artifacts. The bust of Mexi made from the sculptor Byron Kesse is displayed prominently inside the museum.

Pay your Respects to the Nunnery of Agioi Pantes



Situated in one of the highest hills of Spetses, just above the bay of Agia Marina, the Nunnery of Agioi Pantes is one of the most historical monasteries of the Argosaronic Gulf that was founded in 1830. During the Holy Week of Easter, many locals visit the monastery in order to witness the holy liturgies; a wonderful experience! Undoubtedly, the Nunnery of Agioi Pantes is a must visit! Plus, it offers one of the greatest views of Spetses!

Seal your Eternal Love at the Bekiris Cave



Further away from the beach of Agioi Anargyri, you will find the cave of Bekiris, one of the most beautiful spots of the island! Characterized as the cave of filmmakers of the 1950s, the cave will fascinate you with its beauty. The interior of the cave is astonishing with emerald waters. Stalactites and stalagmites form bizarre shapes creating a romantic environment, ideal for couples. According to tradition, the cave was used from the Spetsiots in order to hide the women during the Ottoman occupation. Legend has it that if you and your other half drink water from the source inside the cave, your love will last forever.

Visit the Aristocratic Mansion of Sotirios Anargyros



The neoclassical mansion of the great benefactor of Spetses, Sotirios Anargyros, was constructed in 1904. Anargyros decided to name it after the Egyptian goddess Neith and decorated it with Egyptian motifs from the sphinxes at the entrance to the impressive windows and frescoes. A wonderful-storied stone-built building, characterized by the symmetry of its facets, the formation balance of its mass, the clarity of its architectural forms and the distinctness of its particular neoclassic morphological elements. Another characteristic element is the arcade that is formed on the ground floor and shapes a balcony on the upper floor. The building stands in the middle of a garden with pebble-paved corridors, three water reservoirs, a hencoop, a dovecote and a furnace. By a ministerial decree of 1986, the building was identified as a work of art and a preserved monument because of its significant architectural and morphological interest, being a remarkable and representative sample of the early 20th century architecture in Spetses.
Outdoor Experiences

Things To Do Out Of The Ordinary

Famous for its cosmopolitan atmosphere and its idyllic sceneries, Spetses is an island full of mysteries. Whether you can accept it or not, it is definite that the island of aromas will surprise you with things you could not even imagine you will find on this land of the twenty-four kilometers! From cycling the circular road of Spetses, cruising with a traditional caïque in the emerald waters, and watching a movie under the stars of the Aegean to ascending you way to the highest spot of Spetses, the Prophet Elias peak, hopping into a horse carriage at Ntapia, learning about the rich Spetsiot tradition in shipbuilding, and wandering around Spetses’ oldest quarter, Kastelli, it is definite that this island will challenge you to fall in love with it again and again!

24 Kilometers: Around Spetses


Perhaps, the most enjoyable experience in Spetses is the tour of the island. Whichever means you wish to use (we highly recommend bicycling), you will have the opportunity to discover secret spots all around the island; from hidden beaches and mysterious caves to benches with unexpected views and hideouts in the mountains, it is certain you will find your secret spot! If you love adventure, try to walk the island under the moonlight! You won’t regret it!

A Wonderful Promenade: Walk from Ntapia to Palio Limani

This is the must of your exploration in Spetses! Your journey begins from the charming settlement of Ntapia with the distinctive pebbled courtyards and its beautiful “balcony” overlooking the endless blue of the Saronic Gulf. Walking along the seafront cobblestone promenade, you will be enchanted from the cannons decorating the outer part of the chapel of Agios Mamas, the beautiful white and blue seafarer houses of Agios Nikolaos, the romantic chaises riding along the waterfront promenade, the traditional shipyards of Palio Limani and the endless view of the fishing caïques sailing from the old harbour. Lose your way among the narrow alleyways behind the majestic beauty of the seaside promenade! Discover the discreet charm of the whitewashed houses with the pebbled mosaics, the blue windows and the bougainvillea courtyards that transform your promenade in an adventure overlooking an unexpected view to the endless blue of the Aegean Sea.

Agia Paraskevi’s & Agios Ioannis’ Feasts: Traditional Spetsiot Spirit


If you happen to visit Spetses in June 24, ask the locals where the traditional caïques are leaving for the isle with the chapel of Agios Ioannis. In a barren islet, next to the verdurous private-island of Spetsopoula, the local people pay their respects to the tiny-whitewashed chapel of Agios Ioannis, which is followed from a traditional feast; an authentic experience! Don’t worry if you miss it, as you can ask the locals again on July 26 where the traditional caïques are leaving for the beach of Agia Paraskevi with the homonymous chapel; another great traditional celebration you should not miss!

Agios Nikolaos Cathedral: The Protector of Seamen


Holding the reigns of the most beautiful church of Spetses, the cathedral of Agios Nikolaos is one of the oldest religious sites of the island stands above the homonymous bay on the seaside promenade from Ntapia to Palio Limani. This majestic cathedral distinguishes for its fine pebbled courtyard and its tall bell tower that was built with the fine marble of Tinos in 1805. The monastery used to be the metropolis of the island during the revolutionary years; it was there that the flag of Revolution was raised for the first time in 1821. Undeniably, the cathedral of Agios Nikolaos is a must visit during your time in Spetses!

Cine Marina: Watching A Movie Under the Stars of the Aegean


Have you ever dreamt of watching a movie under the stars of the Aegean? Oh, sure you have! Who hasn’t? It’s a wonderful experience, one of the best to be exact! Cine Marina, at Ntapia, is one of the most beautiful open-air cinemas of the Greek islands. Located on the roof-terrace of an old building, open from June to September, travellers of Mysterious Greece will have the opportunity to enjoy modern and vintage movies under the starry sky of Spetses! Grab a bowl of pop-corn from the tiny canteen, choose your seat, with a table or not, and put your phone on silent! It’s movie time!

Cruise around Spetses: Verdant Sceneries



Whether you’ve heard or not (your eyes should have notice them), Spetses is full of traditional caïques, handmade from the local shipbuilders of Spetses! Go at Ntapia or Palio Limani, and hop into one of them (you’ll find them, they are really beautiful to not), and enjoy the sea-ride to the beaches of Agioi Anargyri, Zogeria and Agia Paraskevi! Bring you camera with you, and capture the lush green sceneries that mirror down to the Aegean blue of the sea!

Dives in Emerald Beach: Spetses’ Best Kept Secret



Just a short drive away from the Anargyrios Korgialenios School, you will find the Emerald Beach. Verdant pine forests and mysterious aromas pour gently on the entire ride. Carvings and masterpieces of nature thrive on this part of the island. This beach, the Emerald Beach, you will find it easy enough. We, the team of Mysterious Greece, named it on that way due to its unimaginable blue colors of the sea. Travellers will truly understand what serenity of life means on that beach. Try to find it, you’ll find why yourself!

Easter at the island: A Different Experience



Easter in Spetses is a wonderful experience! Whitewashed courtyards, newly painted windows and blooming gardens decorate the island of Aromas. Easter, one of the two greatest celebration of Christian Orthodoxy, thrives on Spetses. During the Holy Week, the most solemn and mystagogical liturgies are held in the nunnery of Agioi Pantes culminating in the evening of the Resurrection, where “Christ is Risen” is chanted within the cemetery of the monastery, and a lighten candle with a red egg is found in every single grave. On Holy Friday, people are gathered at the square of Poseidonio in order to admire the flowered decorated Epitaphs made from local women on Holy Thursday. The fireworks make their show on the night of the Resurrection, as a boat is burnt at the Church of Analipsi (Ascencion), while the burning of Judas takes place in Ntapia on Easter Sunday. However, images have more to say than words. So, make sure to visit Spetses for once during Easter time!

Millions of Benches: Choose Your Favorite



One, two, four, ten, thirteen… how many are they? You will lose the counting process, as we did!

The Bouboulina Museum in collaboration with the Hunter’s Society of Spetses gathered money from last year’s Cultural Festival of Bouboulina’s museum and placed millions of benches on the right spot to enjoy the view! While discovering the beauty of Spetses around the island, make sure to sit in one of those benches in order to enjoy the view to the endless blue of the Argosaronic Gulf! Our favorite was the one above Xylokeriza beach! Yours?

On the Edge of Palio Limani: Panagia Armata Chapel



Walking along the seafront promenade of Palio Limani, you will reach the tiny white-and-yellow chapel of Panagia Armata (Armed Virgin) on the headland of the lighthouse. The chapel was constructed from Ioannis Koutsis to commemorate the great victory of the naval battle of Spetses over the Turkish Fleet (1822), and celebrates on September 8 along with the famous festival of Armata. The church honors Virgin Mary because this victory was considered as a miracle of Panagia Armata, since it happened on her birthday anniversary. Panagia Armata Chapel was built on the exact location where cannons defending the island used to be during the revolution; a statue Kosmas Barbatsis made by Natalia Mela, the one to set Armata on fire, was placed on the same location. If you visit Palio Limani (you can’t miss it), pay your respects to this tiny chapel; it’s also a wonderful sunset spot!

Red, Red & Red: Anastasis Chapel



Ideally located a breath away from Spetses Hotel, the romantic deep-red chapel of Anastasis (Resurrection) is one of the most beautiful chapels of the island. Even if there is not particular reason to visit this chapel, except of course the view to the sea, it would be interesting enough to witness a red church for a change to the whitewashed-classical-glory of the churches in Greece!

Rise & Shine: Ascending to Prophet Elias



Up on the highest spot of all, on Prophet Elias peak, travellers will witness one of the most promising views over the coastline of Spetses, the mountains of the Peloponnese peninsula and the Argolic Gulf. What’s more picturesque is the chapel of Prophet Elias, which celebrates on July 20 with a traditional feast. Approximately one and a half kilometer from the Refugee of the Hunters, high up on the mountains of Spetses, you will reach the church of Prophet Elias at an altitude of 305 meters. Wear your trainers and start you exploration!

Romantic Bliss: A Horse Carriage Ride

Whether you are travelling with your family, your friends or your other half, do not miss hopping into a horse carriage, one of the most romantic things you can do in Spetses! You can either start your ride from the harbor of Ntapia in order to go to the port of Palio Limani (this is the most picturesque route) or you can hop into a carriage from the square of Posidonio to go the Anargyrios Korgialenios School. Whichever route you choose, it is certain that it will be a memorable experience that will feel like travelling back in time!

September 1: In the Memory of the Lost Seamen



Every September 1, the Church of Agios Mamas in Ntapia celebrates with a wonderful feast, where all of the kids in the island create their own little boats from scratch by using wood, plastic bottles and whatever else they might find, embellished with flowers, little flags and candles. According to tradition, they must throw the boats in the sea, the time the sun goes down in reminiscence of all the sailors that were lost in the sea over the years. “ Having spent all the summers of my life so far, in the island, I always remember my dad gathering my brother, our friends and I to create our annual boat. The search of the materials, the excitement of the collaborative work , and then finally seeing the boat floating with its candles is one of the sweetest memories of my childhood and youth!” Christianna Economou, Spetses Lover

Shipbuilding: The Tradition of the Spetsiots



Spetses has marked the history of Greece due to its important geographical significance at the crossroad of the marine routes throughout the Greek Sea. In the beginning of the 18th century, the residents of Spetses started building large merchant vessels; their rich knowledge in shipbuilding was brought from the shipwrights who fed the arsenal of Nafplio when the Turks dominated the city from the Venetians in 1715. The wealthy landowners of the Peloponnese peninsula financed these ships in order to carry their agricultural products to the ports of England, France and Spain. With the intention of protecting the ships from pirate invasions, the ships were armed with cannons. Archives from Malta record that the origin of first merchantman to arrive from the Aegean (1744) was Spetsiot. The Russian and Turkish Wars, which terminated with the treaty of Kutchuk-Kainardji (1774), allowed the Spetsiot ships to use the Russian Flag and carry grain from the Black Sea across the Mediterranean. Meanwhile, the local shipyards were optimizing the ships for capacity, shallow draft and speed. These features helped the Spetsiots become rich during the Napoleonic Wars, when they initiated the British naval blockade to land supplies on the continent. By then, Spetses had a fleet of 90 ships with 5.000 crewmen and over 1.000 cannon. When the Greeks rose in the Greek War of Independence in 1821, the Spetsiot fleet played a chief role in blockading the Turks and disrupting their naval forces. Nonetheless, the merchant fleet of Spetses started to decline following the Crimean War in 1843. In the 19th century, Spetses production was fifteen brigs per year and forty trehadiria traditional fishing boats. The trehadiria production continued at the very old same shipyards during the 20th century, until the invasion of the low-cost fiberglass boats turned them into boat-lover collectioners’ items.Walking along the seafront promenade of Palio Limani, you will reach the traditional Spetsiot shipyards, the sole shipyards in Greece that have been in operation constantly since the revolution of 1821. The shipbuilding tradition of Spetses is unequaled in the Mediterranean with the craft being carried down from generation to generation. Undeniably, the shipyards of Spetses are an integral part of the historical heritage of the island.

Sunset Time: Zogeria’s Bench



Grab your bicycle and start cycling up until you reach the famous bench above the large bay of Zogeria! Be there twenty minutes before the sunset, and enjoy the magnificent colors of the sky! The bench at Zogeria is a authentic example of how the simple things in life can create the most unforgettable memories! Konstantinos Niakaros, Spetses Lover

Visit Spetses Lighthouse: Is Sky the Limit?



Standing on the edge of the rocky outcrop in Palio Limani, the famous lighthouse of Spetses is one of the oldest lighthouses of Greece that was established in 1885. The lighthouse of the island differs from others of the network of the country, as it is situated in a residential area. Its location is a great reason for having a promenade, since it offers panoramic views to the Argosaronic Gulf!

Views from Agios Dimitrios Chapel: Your Best Sunrise Spot



This is our favorite spot! Perched on the rocky sides of an undisclosed location, the light-blue chapel of Agios Dimitrios is the perfect sunrise spot. Rays of the sun emerge from the blue waves of the Aegean Sea coloring the sky in all the shades of orange, yellow and red; an indescribable, tremendous and marvelous masterpiece of nature. If you wish to find this spot, walk along Palio Limani until you will find the club of Guzel where you should turn right. Ascend the uphill road and take a right on the first street. Continue on that street till you find a sign saying in Greek “Αγιος Δημητριος”. Turn left, and continue into this dirt street downwards. The street ends in a beautiful rocky landscape overlooking the endless blue adorned from the blue chapel of Agios Dimitrios.

Votsalota Mosaics: Made from the Locals Craftsmen of Spetses



One pebble, two pebbles, three pebbles, millions of pebbles! Exploring the island of Spetses, you will notice that there are pebbled mosaics everywhere. The traditional pebbled mosaics have a long tradition in Spetses since the beginning of the 19th century. These artisans gathered white and black pebbles from the coast, and develop this technique in order to create the pebbled mosaics. They used to prefer to reproduce scenes of everyday life of the island including fishing, sailing, fishing vessels, and mermaids. Following the Independence War of 1821, martial representations of naval battles and fortified castles became quite popular. Lose your way at the alleyways of the island and find these wonderful masterpieces of art!

Kiss Night Goodbye from Aromatic Spetses


Enigmatic and aromatic, charming and picturesque, simple and minimal, tiny and petite, lovely Spetses stole the heart of Mysterious Greece instantly. Bougainvillea flowers, traditional caïques, pebbled mosaics, and captain mansions create the most tranquil atmosphere one could ever find just a breath away from Athens. Upon arriving at Costa, the port off the coast of Peloponnese, seafarers await for you to take you to the island of aromas, always weather permitting. Laskarina’s Bouboulina statue on Posidonio Square will salute you stately upon arriving on the island, an island where you will appreciate the genuine value of island life. Wandering around the alleyways of Ntapia, you will notice the coachmen with their traditional horse-carriages and the elder shipbuilders with a glowing smile in Palio Limani that will travel you back in time; an authentic experience of utmost serenity.


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Unveil the mysteries of Spetses from the travel guides of Mysterious Greece!