Symposium Experiences
Classy Restaurants & Mediterranean Taverns

Allou Yallou

Location: Kini village Telephone: 0030.22810.71196

The Allou Yialou Restaurant welcomes travellers in its charming space at Kini beach, in order to offer them marvelous dishes of the Aegean cuisine, all prepared with local products and based on traditional recipes.

Fresh seafood, a great variety of fish, as well as many meat choices await avid travellers to enjoy them with a view to the endless blue of the Aegean

Having as background the white color of the area and the blue of the sea and with the odors of fresh herbs in the pots filling the air, guests will enjoy creative tasty combinations with selected ingredients, properly cooked or grilled.  The fully updated cellar includes excellent choices of wines that are made both in Greece and abroad.

Mazi Restaurant

Location: 2, Leotsakou Street, Ermoupolis Telephone: 0030.22810.88811

During the golden age of Syros, merchants created economic stores across the Mediterranean, from Morocco and Algeria to Constantinople and Syria, that is why the kitchen of Syros is now a unparalleled mosaic of taste. 

This culinary tradition want to introduce to you through the creative inspiration at Mazi Restaurant, offering to their guests a personal trip for all the senses in the vast world of flavors along with an exclusive list of cocktails with Greek flavors.

Completing the aesthetic experience, the multicenter Mazi Restaurant also operates as a gallery of valuable exhibitions and a place of theatrical and other happenings.

The very delicate selection of Greek wines will make the perfect match to any combination of our meze. Tastes of the different regions of Greece gathered together in Mazi’s garden.

Peri Tinos

Location: 6, Akti Petrou Ralli Street, Ermoupolis Telephone: 0030.22810.85000

Situated in a charming setting by the harbor of Syros, Peri Tinos is a lovely restaurant open all year round.

Peri Tinos distinguishes for its high quality recipes and its pleasant atmosphere with magnificent views to the endless blue of the Aegean. All the recipes are prepared with love with fresh ingredients. Its gourmet dishes combine local products from the Cyclades with traditional Greek recipes and modern cooking techniques.

The restaurant has a lovely menu for guests to enjoy fresh fish and seafood, local specialties and fresh vegetables. No one could ever forget, though, the mouthwatering desserts!

Tis Filomilas

Location: Azolimnos Telephone: 0030.22810.62088

Thirteen years ago, Kefalonians Filomila and Christosvisited Syros for a holiday, they fell in love with its erotic atmosphere and decided to stay and set up their family tavern in Azolimnos!

Ideally situated by the beach of Azolimnos, the tavern of Filomila is one of the most traditional taverns of the island that has been operating since 2004. The cuisine of Filomila’s tavern is known for its traditional Cycladic recipes prepared with love and passion.

If you are craving for authentic dishes made with fresh ingedients, do not miss a visit to Filomila’s tavern!

Stou Lili

Location: Ano Syros Telephone: 0030.22810.88087

Stou Lili is the most historical tavern of Syros Island. Leonardos Roussos, else known as Lilis, created the legendary “katogi” in the early 1950’s! He was even fortunate enough to host Markos Vamvakaris, the famous “patriarch of rebetiko” music.

For more than fifty years, the tavern continues the culinary tradition of Syros with love and respect while the new generation maintains the great history of Lilis’ tavern.

Exquisite meats such as chicken with rosemary, rooster cooked in wine and served with traditional “hilopites”, lamb and beef served with sun-dried tomatoes thyme and capers are only some of Lilis’ finest dishes. Taste the fresh Roca salad with traditional Syrian San Michael cheese, the zucchini balls and the Syrian sausage served with fennel.

Lili’s tavern offers a magical view from its balconies; choose wisely the time you will visit it! Our favorite time was just before sunset, as we could enjoy the lovely colors of the endless blue of the Aegean and the harbor of Hermoupolis!

To Plakostroto

Location: San Michalis village Telephone: 0030.697.398.0248

Twelve years ago, a local family established their cute tavern in the Catholic settlement of San Michalis.

To Plakostroto distinguishes for its local delicacies, its hand-picked herbs and its home-grown vegetables as well as the local wine.Try the rabbit with rosemary or the goat en papillote.

The sweeping views of the sunset and the sea are just spectacular!