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June 17, 2015

Find Your Exotic Island in Greece
Blessed with the finest of nature, Greece hosts some of the most beautiful beaches of the world. Whether you are looking for azure, cerulean, emerald, sapphire or turquoise waters, you will find them in the Greek Islands!

Koufonisia, Cyclades

“…Whatever Koufonisia might lack in size, they replenish in landscapes and colors; besides they say less is more..”


Hora, Ano Koufonisi by Mysteriousgreece

In the cluster of Small Cyclades, two mysterious dots sail carefree in the the Aegean Sea. Characterized as the paradise of the Aegean, Koufonisia host the finest emerald, sapphire and turquoise in the Aegean! Whatever Koufonisia might lack in size, they replenish in landscapes and colors; besides they say less is more. The peacefulness of Ano Koufonisi emits a mysterious atmosphere over an area of just four square kilometers in contrast with wilderness sceneries of Kato Koufonisi and the shadow of the silhouette of Keros hiding in the deep sea. The boundless blue of the Aegean matches with the white and blue houses of Koufonisia creating a magical atmosphere. Undoubtedly, Koufonisia are a paradise of extreme natural beauty boasting a unique geomorphology with tropical beaches, golden sandy dunes and turquoise waters. Two islands blessed with strips of golden sand that interchange with wave carved rocks and the wild sight of caves, a beautiful escape to the unknown.

Lefkada, Ionian Sea

“…In Lefkada, you will appreciate that reality is better that fantasy…”


Egremni Beach, Lefkada  by Shutterstock

Although you might cherish the Aegean, you will not resist to the allure of the Ionian. Gentle and temper with a feminine temperament, Lefkada will acquire your admiration instantly. Endowed with cerulean, sapphire and turquoise waters and verdurous sceneries, Lefkada betrays the whitewashed origin of her name. From spectacular beaches in all the shades of blue to verdant sceneries with flowing streams and peaceful villages, Lefkada enjoys magnificent alternations of landscapes, reserved for the ones eager to discover them. Lefkada conceals millions of faces that will inspire you to explore them each and every single of them. One thing is certain; Lefkada will give you unforgettable memories. Maybe Sappho was glorified from the unimaginable views of the Ionian Sea and leaped from the barren cliffs of Cape Lefkada for the sake of love, to seal her last memories of this divine paradise. Breathtaking views to the deep blue below the whitish cliffs with pine trees hanging over the beaches will make you promise to Lefkada that you will always return to her magical beauty. Nonetheless, the emerald island of the Ionian hides another mysterious world, absolutely authentic and genuine. Although Lefkada distinguishes for some of the finest beaches in the Mediterranean, the mountainous hinterland competes with the heavenly magnificence of its coastline. Traditional Lefkadian houses perched on the verdant mountain slopes, monuments of distinctive natural beauty with towering gorges and imposing waterfalls and colorful valley trails will definitely catch your attention. On top of that, the singing voice of Branelli, the local Lefkadians, will make you fall in love again and again with Lefkada.   Distinguished for their courtesy and generosity, the local people will show you their true spirit of philoxenia! When you travel to Lefkada, you will appreciate that reality is better that fantasy. Where the richness of the blue waters meets the evergreen forests, Lefkada is a paradise on earth dominated from imposing mountainous, divine waterfalls and authentic villages. Will you promise to Lefkada that your vow to return will be eternal?

Skopelos, Sporades

“…Get ready to capture your own photographs on the greenest island of Greece…”

photo of skopelos, Skopelos, travel & discover mysterious GreeceBy Shutterstock

Are you eager to discover the forest of Aegean? The verdurous island of Skopelos is an earthly paradise on the Aegean. Whitewashed houses, colourful courtyards, labyrinthine winding alleys, sapphire and cherry doors, fuchsia bougainvillea and charming chapels rise like castles in the traditional settlement of Hora. These images will be captured forever in the photographic memory of your mind. Though, the lush landscapes and the emerald waters will captivate your aura with a refreshing breeze. Skopelos has maintained her own authentic character. This intoxicating green island invites you to discover its mysterious beauties. The green colour of the pine trees meets the blue of the sea creating landscapes of incomparable beauty. The cameras are battling to capture the memory from the corners of Skopelos. Shut, shut, and shut! Are you ready to capture your own photographs on the greenest island of Greece?

Karpathos, Dodecanese

“…Wild sceneries blessed from the Olympian Gods…”

Apella, Karpathos

Apella Beach, Karpathos By Shutterstock

It is believed that the first inhabitants of this island loved it so much that traveled to Mount Olympus in order to kidnap the Olympian Gods, and brought them to live with them to the highest mountain of Karpathos, and named it Olympus after them. Are you wondering what could possibly make them do that? Karpathos has an undeniable personality with dramatic contrasts of indescribable beauty. The impressive purity of Karpathos combined with its mysterious beauty and the diversity of landscapes hides secret beauties that will take your breath away. The crystalline waters of Kyra Panagia, the narrow cobblestone alleys of Olymbos, the views of the endless blue from Pyles, the traditions of the faithful local people, the pristine paradise of Saria, the imposing mansions of Valandou, the verdant seashores of the western coastline are just a glimpse of Karpathos! An elegant microcosm is opening in front of your eyes swinging between the past and the future. The breathtaking sceneries of the island, immersed in culture and heritage, will make you find your own promised land and make you bring your own gods to live on the blessed island of Karpathos.

Ikaria, Northeast Aegean

“…The pace of life of Ikaria exudes a peaceful aura with a complete lack of sense of time…”


Seychelles Beach, Ikaria By Shutterstock

Aegean is wonderful place. Though, Ikaria has this distinctive human element associated with the magical spirit and the colorful optimism that remains unique in its kind.Verdant mountain slopes drown in the deep blue sea with the intention of giving their position on steep bare slopes and revert to even richer landscapes that hide priceless mysterious treasures. The south side is characterized from rare wild beauty sceneries while the beautiful beaches are the absolute protagonists of the north side. The pace of life of Ikaria exudes a peaceful aura with a complete lack of sense of time. Indeed, the island moves in relaxing rhythms showcasing its unique philosophy of life, only the first reason you will fall in love with her amongst others. Seaside villages perched on the rocks, exceptional beaches fringed with turquoise waters, traditional authentic festivals and hospitable people give to the island a unique colour. Ikaria has notorious laxity flirting dangerously with mythical creatures exuding an aura of extraordinary authenticity. Feels like people in Ikaria are required to laugh, drink, talk and dance by law, envied from millions others. The smiles of the people are so bright and powerful, one of the most irreplaceable ways to make you forget everything. All suggest a different way of life, turning your experience into an adventure. The carelessness of the inhabitants is rolling in their life without anxiety and stress. Follow the magical world of the inhabitants of Ikaria. Loosely, as only they know, since time in the island never stops, as it never started counting. All of the above are the exceptional reasons to fall in love with Ikaria. We will not reveal to you the recipe for longevity, but Ikarians themselves will show you their distinctive way of living.

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