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Land of myths and legends, Peloponnese is the main exhilarating setting of Homer’s epic tales; in its verdurous forests and its flowing rivers, scenes from the Iliad and the Odyssey come to life; even the fortress of the great military commander Agamemnon and the imperious castle of Menelaus! Greek mythology comes alive in Peloponnese. From the extremity of the Europe, the finale of the Balkan Peninsula and the southernmost part of Greece, Peloponnese is a mysterious world by herself. Mountainous in its lovely heart and deeply intended in its dramatic golden shoreline, Peloponnese hides millions of surprizes under the craggy slopes of Mount Taygetos. Land of the powerful 300 Spartans and birthplace of the Olympic Games, Peloponnese is a timeless destination with ancient monuments, medieval castles, scenic villages and places of immense natural beauty. And your journey to mythical Peloponnese begins! Home to the ancient theatre of Epidaurus, the best preserved theatre of ancient Greece, the castle of Nestor in Mycenae, Argos, one of the oldest cities of Europe, the lush sanctuary of Olympia, where the Olympics were hosted for a millennium, the medieval fortified towns of Monemvasia and Nafplio, the Venetian castle of Methoni in Pylos, the imperious byzantine monasteries of Mystras, the evolution of Peloponnese’s culture is evident all around the peninsula; its lovely villages and historical settlements, its customs and traditions, one will discover the authentic identity of its rich history. The living memories of the Peloponnese are embodied from the wedding ritual of Methoni and the performances of ancient drama at Epidaurus theatre, the air balloons of Leonidio and the music nights in Nafplio, the dance festival of Kalamata and the ascent to the top of Taygetos Mount to honour Prophet Elias; can you imagine taking part in these traditions? Your journey will become so legendary! Mostly mountainous, like a planet with magnificent mysteries, Peloponnese is an ideal destination all year round; from skiing and snowboarding on Mainalo and mountain climbing on Parnonas to cycling in Aderes and walking on Taygetos, the mountains of Peloponnese are full of mysteries! Immersed in sceneries of outstanding natural beauty, Peloponnese will definitely fascinate you. The aroma of wood smoke from the chimneys of Dimitsana and Stemnitsa and the snowy landscapes of Arcadia villages, the verdurous vegetation of Lousios River and the crystalline waters of Navarino bay, the underground caves of Diros and the fortified town of Monemvasia; what could ever be more thrilling than capturing photographs of wildflowers where Pausanias once walked and Hercules committed acts of bravery? Imperious mountains with snow-frosted peaks, rivers interwined with myths, lakes rich in mysterious sceneries, deserted isles with closely guarded mysteries, sunken cities with historical significance, important wetlands teeming with wildlife; from the stalactites of the Kapsia Cave in Mantinea, the petrified forest of Vatika off the Malea peninsula and the lovely mountain of Parnonas to the heart-shaped isle of Sapienza, the glory of the craggy slopes of Taygetos and the mountainous villages of Arcadia, you will feel blessed from the huge variations to Peloponnese’s landscape. It will always amaze you! As for the adventurers, Peloponnese is limitless; boasting some of the finest hiking trails of the country through forgotten cultural monuments and deserted villages off the beaten track, rock climbing in Cavo Malia and rafting on the Alfios and Ladonas Rivers to horse riding in Parnonas, canyoning in Drios caves and scuba diving in the shipwrecks of Zombolos, the sarcophagi of Sapienza and the underwater cliffs of Cavo Grosso, you will get ecstatic from the mysteries of Peloponnese. Adrenaline junkies will find their dose in the myths and legends of the Peloponnesian experience. From rock climbing to winemaking, Peloponnese is a true wonder of nature. Whether you want to sail your winds in the Myrtoan Sea or you want to dive into the past off the coast of Methoni, or you want to swim in the mythical river of Neda and be fascinated from the grandeur of nature in Elafonisos, even if you desire to bunjee jumping from the Isthmus of Corinth and hike your way through the imposing gorge of Rintomo, it is certain that Peloponnese has everything packed up for you! Shielded from the mountains, Argolida was once the heart of Greece under the glorious Mycenaean. Visit lovely Nafplio, one of the most picturesque cities of the country, which served as the first capital of Greece and the most ancient city of Greece, Argos, built at the foot of the imperious hills. The true jewel of Argolida, however, is the ancient theatre of Epidaurus, a world heritage monument that composes the grandeur of another, bygone era; but Mycenae, the cradle of the Mycenaean civilization, will definitely dazzle you mind! However, the true heart of Peloponnese is beautiful Arkadia. Favored from nature lovers, Arkadia is considered to be the haven for ecotourism. From the tiny villages of Dimitsana, Karitena and Stemnitsa, the unique landscapes of Lousios River, the wine country of Mantinea and the seaside town of Vitina to the archeological remains of Tegaea, the dense forests of Mainalo Mountain, the wildflowers of Parnonas and the rich ecosystem of Alfios, Arkadia will surpass your expectations. In Achaea, the gate to Western Europe, the enchanting alpine scenery creates magnificent contrasts with the seaside sceneries dominated from the pristine seashores of the Corinthian Gulf. Intriguing Patra, one of the biggest cities of Greece renowned for its festive carnival, stunning Zarouhla nestling on the mountain slopes of Helmos with its striking greenery and its neighbouring lovely lake of Tsivlou, the preserved character of Diakofto with its spectacular railway, one of Europe’s most fascinating journeys that passes through Vouraikos gorge, the traditional ski resort of Kalavryta with its picturesqueness and the breathtaking Cave of the Lakes, all of them will assure Achaia will amaze you. Landscapes of immense beauty and a wealth of historical monuments compose the mosaic of Elis, where the Olympics were initiated and still revive in every corner of the world. Natural grandeur at its best, Elis distinguishes for its history and its natural beauty. Lakes and rivers are scattered on its terrain; from the Alfios River, the longest of the Peloponnese, and Neda River with its fairytale waterfalls to the ecosystem of Kaiafas Lake and the artificial lakes of Pineus, it is certain that the aquatic elements of Elias will revitalize you. Foloi Oak Forest, one of the most beautiful forests of Greece, the breathtaking lagoon of Kotyhi with its rich birdlife, picturesque Divri and lovely Adritsena with its red tiled roofs and the castle of Chlemoutsi with its fortified walls and the endless coastline of Zaharo with its turquoise waters; fiery sunsets drenched from the breeze of the Ionian Sea will accompany you in all of your explorations of Elis. Famous for its wonderful isthmus, Corinthia is favoured for weekend getaways. Bordering from an indented coastline, it is one of the most favorable destinations of the summer. However, the authentic mystery of Corinthia is mountainous Corinthia with its spectacular alpine sceneries filled with fir trees and stone villages. Stymfalia Lake, distinguished for the legendary sixth labor of Hercules with the Stymphalian Birds, Nemea with its vineyards and the sacred temple of Zeus, the castle of Akrokorinthos, the most ancient castle of Peloponnese, the summer resort of Loutraki and the thermal springs of Beautiful Helen; how could it be possible to choose where to go? As for Laconia, its cultural and historical puzzle unveils its mysteries through millions of ancient and byzantine treasures. Crowned from the craggy slopes of Taygetos Mountain, Laconia is the homeland of the powerful city of Sparta, the byzantine town of Mystras with its glorious frescoes, the fortified town of Monemvasia, one of the most picturesque cities of Greece, the traditional settlements of Mesa Mani, the lighthouse of Cape Tainaro and the wonderful atmosphere of Gythio, the exotic beaches of Elafonisos, the fishing villages of Vatika, the petrified forest of Agia Marina, and the list never ends! Just like a fairy tale, Laconia will hypnotize your with its millions of mysteries. No one could ever forget, however, Messenia with its almighty beauties. This part of the Peloponnese is proud for its privileged position between the Ionian Sea and the Messenian Bay. Lush vegetation, wonderful gorges and interesting walks indented from a lacy coastline of bays, beaches and isles; this is the true beauty of Messenia! And the puzzle is competed from the authentic spirit of Exo Mani villages, the fortified castles of Methoni and Pylos, the seaside settlements of Koroni and Finikounda, the lagoon of Gialova with its rich birdlife, the isle of Sapienza, the bay of Navarino, one of the largest natural bays in the world, the picturesqueness of Kardamyli and the waterfalls of Polilimnio, the gorge of the stalactites in Kiparissia and the verdurous sceneries of Taygetos. Messenia will amaze you with its almighty beauties! Travel to the mythical land to unveil the mysteries of the Iliad and the Odyssey.