The rocky and volcanic Argosaronic Islands, just a few miles away from the capital of the country, compose one of the most endearing island destinations blessed with natural beauty sceneries, historical monuments, picturesque villages with distinctive architecture and pristine beaches.  Famous for its pistachio nuts and one of the finest temples in Greece, Aegina will thrill you with its picturesque atmosphere while the verdurous vegetation of Agistri will offer you dives into crystalline waters and an ultimate escape from real life. Holding the reigns of the biggest island, Salamina is still intertwined with the glorious battle that dates back more than two thousand years. If you are travelling with your significant other, you will definitely want to stay forever on Hydra that stands out for its  neoclassical nobility and its pleasurable romance whereas aristocratic allure and the luscious aromas of Spetses will definitely take your breath away! Of course, no one could ever forget the spectacular fjord of Poros, an ideal destination for sailing adventures , and the walking trails that lead to the sleeping volcano of Methana.
Argosaronic Islands