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Culture and history, mountain and sea, flavors and products, activities and adrenaline, castles and villages, ancient theaters and stone bridges; in Epirus, everything blends together along with the exquisite hospitality the local people. A centuries old history escorts the rich culture and spectacular nature of Epirus. Epirus is a genuine wonder of nature and history with an unprecedented wealth of culture and tradition that no words could ever describe. Dominated from the imperious mountain range of Pindus and bordering with the turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea, Epirus gives to the travellers the opportunity to discover its million beauties through its wonderful arched bridges. Labyrinthine roads crumble into impressive gorges and lush green forests that will always guide you to the mysteries of Epirus. Virgin forests, alpine lakes, imposing mountains, flowing rivers and verdant valleys provide all kinds of activities to the ones who are looking to accelerate their adrenaline. The essence of Epirus is concealed behind two mysterious words; raw beauty. Favoured from nature lovers, Epirus is a land of mountains with authentic villages, flowing rivers, beautiful lakes and picturesque bridges. Two out of the ten national parks of the country, aka Pindus and Vikos, beautify the entire region with their verdurous vegetation and its wild landscapes. In Ioannina, one of the most beautiful cities of the country, you will cross the spectacular Pamvotida Lake in order to reach the island, so that you could feel the mysterious atmosphere of the great capital of Epirus. A bit further away, enchanting paths reveal the 46 beautiful villages of Zagorohoria, a journey filled with captivating sceneries where picturesqueness is at its best. Glorified for its authentic spirit and its traditional character, Metsovo will captivate you eyes from the first moment. Stone Zagoria for romantic getaways, wild Tzoumerka for authentic sceneries, traditional Metsovo for ski enthusiasts, beautiful Konitsa and Arahthos River for adrenaline seekers and unknown Pogoni for its remoteness. Oh, and Vikos-Aoos Gorge, the deepest gorge in the world from the Guiness Book of Reconds, is just a imposing spectacle that you should not miss. Praised for its stone bridge, Arta is steeped in history.Dominated from Tzoumerka, one of the wildest ridges of Pindus, the region is synonymous with the alpine kingdom of rocks, rivers and forests. Mountainous Arta with its picturesque villages that nestle at high altitudes will travel you away from the ordinary; genuine Katarraktis, authentic Tzoumerkohoria, verdurous Rodavgi and Vourgareli, Melisourgi and Theodoriana with their waterfalls, Agnanta of another-bygone era and the list never ends. The untamed waters of Arathos River provide millions of adrenaline opportunities for rafting enthusiasts while Pournariou Lake is an ideal destination for canoeing lovers. A promenade around the Ambracian Gulf, a labyrinthine complex of wetlands, hides lots of surprises with lagoons, salt marshes and reed beds. Favored from both summer and winter lovers, Thesprotia combines the sea and mountain blessed with an endless coastline. Crowned from pine tree hills, Igoumenitsa, one of the key gateways of Greece to Western Europe, is the capital of Thesprotia that invites you to uncover the mysteries of Thesprotia. Where to begin for this unexplored place of Greece? From the fairytale city of Paramythia with its verdurous landscapes, the island-like resort of Syvota with its dreamy seashores, Aheron River that distinguishes for its pristine kind-of exotic beauty or the historical village of Souli with its magical and wild beauty sceneries? Or even the old delta of Kalama with its rich bird life, the charming village of Sagiada with its spectacular sunset views, the valley-nestling Gardiki village with its imposing views and the abandoned-ghost village of Liopsi? Whether in summer or winter, Thesprotia has it for you. No one could ever forget, however, Preveza with its almighty beauties. Built in a dreamy fjord of Ambracian Bay, Preveza, the great capital of the area, distinguishes for its traditional character that actually resembles an island of the Ionian Sea. Stepped back in time, as evidenced from the city walls of Nikopolis, to the village of Zalongos with the enormous monument of the heroic women who leaped to death off a high cliff rather than captured from the Ottomans, to Aheron River, one of the five getaways to the legendary Greek Underworld, with its exotic beauties and the Lagoon on Ambracian, one of the largest protected areas of Europe, the mysteries of Preveza are endless. Travel to Parga, the nymph of Epirus, to enjoy its tiny bays, the village of Agios Georgios with the enormous Roman aqueduct, the endless turquoise beaches of Kalamitsi and Vrahos, the picturesque villages of Assos and Meliana, the straits of Aherontas River for its outstanding beauty and the list never ends! Inexhaustible and infinite, the wonders of Epirus are limitless. Are you ready to unveil the mysteries of Epirus?