Central Greece

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History and mythology blend with culture and tradition on this region of Greece. Central Greece will captivate your eyes with its diverse landscapes. Blessed with the finest of nature, Central Greece is encompassed with spectacular mountain routes filled with verdant forests, crystalline lakes and impressive rivers ideal for lovers of sports adventures. From climbing, hiking and rafting to mountain biking, off roading and skiing, Central Greece has it for you! Over the sacred rock of Acropolis in Athens, you will feel the grandeur of Ancient Greece; the capital of the country is filled with magnificent archaeological monuments, pedestrian pavements of the historical triangle of Thission, Psiri and Plaka and the colourful street market of Monastiraki. On the northwest, the second largest island of the country, Euboea, is only an echo of the prehistoric continental land blessed with beautiful sceneries that invite you to discover them, in spring, in summer, in autumn or even in winter. An entire world of contrasting sceneries is ready to captivate you! As for Evrytania, nature is stunning in this place filled with verdant greenery in spring and autumn. Picturesqueness at its best, the villages of Evrytania have an authentic traditional character lined up by the slopes of the craggy massifs of Central Greece.   Imperious mountains and flowing rivers challenge you for adventure moments in the historical monasteries and humble villages of Evrytania. Landscapes of immense beauty and a wealth of historical monuments compose the mosaic of Fthiotida, where the verdant mountains alternate with impressive canyons, thermal springs and sparkling lakes. Favoured from nature lovers, Fthiotida promises unforgettable experiences. From the hot springs of Kamena Vourla and Thermopylae, worldwide famous for the battle between the Persians and the Spartans, to the traditional villages of Tithorea and Elatia, Fthiotida is the place to be. Mostly mountainous, Fokida is a haven for adventurers. Characterized as the center of the world, the inspiring temple of Delphi is definitely a must visit while the naval town of Galaxidi has managed to maintain with jealously its traditional atmosphere.Endowed from sceneries of unspoiled nature, Amfissa olive grove, the biggest area with olives that exists today, the amazing lake of Mornos, and lovely Agoriani, the naturist paradise, are just a few of Fokida’s wonders; one could say that its landscapes resemble the alpine spectacles of Switzerland. Quaint and humble mountain villages on the verdant slopes ideal for those looking for a genuine escape with fresh air and coastal settlements with pristine beaches are all filled in the compass of Fokida. In Boeotia, the enchanting alpine scenery creates spectacular images dominated from the craggy slopes of Mountain Parnassus and the pristine seashores of the Corinthian Gulf. Home to the world heritage site of the Byzantine Monastery of Osios Loukas, Boeotia has much to offer; the verdant sceneries of Kria in Livadia, the panoramic views from Distomo village, the skiers hot spot, aka Arahova, Heronia’s marble lion, the verdurous canyon of Asopos, and the spectacular lake of Paralimni compose a paradise for weekend getaways. No one could ever forget, however, Etoloakarnania with its almighty beauties, as the scenery alternates from colossal valleys and aquatic resources to snowy mountains. Mesolongi Lagoon and Evinos River, famous for their rich bird life, the fortified town of Nafpaktos, couples’ favourite, the pristine beaches of Vonitsa, picturesque Mountainous Nafpaktia, drowned in lush vegetation just for the sports enthusiasts, and Klisoura Canyon for mountaineering lovers, are just a few of the wonders of Etoloakarnania. Are you ready to unveil the mysteries of Central Greece?