March 29, 2019

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Pelion: The Place for Eco-Tourists

Author: Ali Wade

Pelio ©

Pelio ©

With 32 million visitors in a year, many fear the environmental impact that tourism is having on Greece. Some resorts are becoming overcrowded, ruining the natural beauty. There are, however, many spots the tourists have not yet discovered. One such place is Pelion. A secret mountain in mainland Greece, it is the perfect getaway for lovers of environmentalism and sustainable travel. Visitors to Pelion will have no problem finding a sustainable hotel and ensuring that their daily activities have minimal impact on the environment. So head to the mountain of the Centaurs for an unforgettable travel experience among unspoiled natural paradise.

Unspoiled Beauty

The Pelion region includes many small villages, surrounded by stunning mountains. Visitors here will feel a long way from the city and therefore can connect fully to nature. The tallest buildings are the ancient churches and everywhere you look will be greenery. It’s a little harder to get to, with the only airport 30 km away and only operating during the summer. Yet Pelion’s idyllic location makes it perfect year-round. You may have to travel in from afar, but it is worth it to escape the crowds.

Since it is so cut off, you should bring some survival accessories if you are considering a true outdoor adventure. Camping either in a tent or campervan are easy ways to fall asleep and wake up in this untouched beauty. The beaches of Pelion are small, but quiet. Tourists report almost empty beaches. If you find one with a crowd, there is always another down the road. Meanwhile, you can head into the mountains and breathe in the crisp, clean air and take in the spectacular views.

Green Hotels

If you don’t wish to provide your own van or tent for accommodation, there are an abundance of environmentally friendly options in Pelion. The boutique hotels are small and locally run. The region is famous for its homemade, all natural soaps, so these will be found in all the local guesthouses. Eco-tours are usually offered. Local guides will take you to the waterfalls and 18th monasteries, giving you easy, yet low impact access to the surrounding areas.

The people of Pelion are extremely proud of their history. The food is all locally sourced and you will have the chance to experience authentic Greek culture for the duration of your trip. It may be a stark contrast to the coastal resorts, but it is a dream come true for the environmentally conscious traveler.

There is much that the Greek tourism industry needs to do to improve its sustainability. It is no wonder that this beautiful country has become so popular, but each traveler needs to consider their impact. By traveling to a place like Pelion, you will find that deep connection to nature that makes you fall in love with the country of Greece. Local eco-hotels are abundant and you will find sustainability among others who share your values.

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