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February 1, 2020

Top Wine Destinations in Greece

Ever dream of traveling and sipping a great wine? Why not plan wine travel? Nothing is more amazing than visiting a wine region in person. Winding through vineyards, meeting local winemakers, and sipping wine on the grounds where it was grown provides a genuine understanding of that area and its local grape varieties.

Greece has various amazing wine destinations that every wine enthusiast should visit. It has been producing equally outstanding wine for centuries that can undoubtedly compare to the structure and finesse sensations of the red Sassicaia Wine 2012 from Tuscany in Italy or the full-body and earthy notes of Bordeaux Wine from France. 

We rounded up a list of destinations in Greece that every wine lover should visit, including islands, wineries, and vineyards. Read on! 


Crete is Greece’s largest island. It has one of the oldest wine traditions in Europe. This island relatively benefits Greece’s economy through its tourist destinations. 

You can visit some of the most well organized Greek wineries in Crete. One of them is the Lyrarakis Winery. It is a family-run winery located in the mountain village of Alagni, Crete. The winery attained a worldwide commendation for its revival of indigenous grape varieties. 

Another must-visit winery in Crete is the Manousakis Winery that lies near Vatolakkos in the city of Platanias. The winery cultivates grapes like Rhone and the Vidiano varieties. The best part is that they produce their grapes through organic farming methods. 

If you like to taste more unique grape varieties in Crete, stop by Heraklion. It is a port city and the capital of Crete. It’s known for being the main wine-growing area of the island. Many of the grapes cultivated on the island are unknown to any other part of the world. One reason can be because of its unique names like Kotsifali, Thrapsathiri, and Mantilari.

Crete is also famous for its amazing and sumptuous cuisines, so try combining your wine tour with some cooking lessons to enjoy the best local experience! 


Santorini is a beautiful small Cycladic island in the middle of the Aegean Sea. Aside from being famous for its iconic sunsets, breathtaking terrains, and historical architectural sites, the island is also known for its wines. 

If you are looking for a place that offers local wines, visit Gaia Wines just beside the airport of Santorini. Gaia Wines was also one of the ten wineries around the world that use the under-sea aging technique.

Another reason to visit Santorini is because of the Koutsoyannopoulos Wine Museum. It is one of the top five wine museums in the world. You can learn a lot of things about wine here from wine varieties to wine production. 

If you’re visiting Santorini, never forget to drop by one on their fantastic beaches and sip your favorite wine while watching its spectacular sunset.


Nemea is in the Peloponnese and just an hour away from Athens. It is Greece’s most significant and most crucial red-wine appellation, making it an ideal destination for real wine lovers. There are more than 40 wineries in the area, including the Domaine Spiropoulos that is known for its organic wines.

Another is the Lafkioti Winery that makes delicious and flavorful wines from local grapes and is one of the first wineries in the region to use stainless steel tanks. You can also visit the Palivou Estate Winery that produces high-quality wines made from local and international varieties.

You may also prefer to tour the island in September for the “Great Days of Nemea,” the most prominent wine festivals in Greece. You can enjoy the newest wine releases, try local delicacies, visit wineries, tour vineyards, and witness cultural performances, concerts, exhibitions, and workshops. For wine lovers, this is an incredible chance to celebrate the new harvest with the wine producers.


Naousa rests on the foothills of the Vermio Mountains, specifically in the Imathia regional unit of Macedonia. Also known as “The Heroic City of Naoussa,” this is where Dionysus, the God of Wine, was born. 

There are several wineries that you can visit in Naoussa. The most popular in the region is the Boutari Winery. Other wineries that produce exceptional wines are the Kir-Yianni Winery and Vaeni, Domaine Foundi, and Elinos.

You could also go to the Museum of Wine and Vine in Ioannis Boutsris’ neoclassical building. It is previously a wine factory that now houses some of the most valuable exhibits like barrels, traditional items used to produce wine, and corks. The museum also features tsipouro vases that highlight the importance of another delicious signature Greek spirit produced in the area.

Naoussa is also the ideal place for both nature and wine lovers. The town’s mountain is perfect for walking, hiking, and biking. Also, try planning your trip based on the ‘Wine Roads’ and some bottles for your cellar. 


The world of wine is vast, and when we think of the best wine destinations, we often think of Italy, France, and Spain. Sadly, Greece rarely comes to the minds of traveling wine connoisseurs. But, this European country has a lot to offer when it comes to wine and travel! With its extraordinary native varieties and fabulous wineries, it should also be on your list of destinations to visit. Come and visit!

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