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Blessed with golden sand and sparkling waters, the Cyclades are the genuine natural magnets of the Greek archipelago. Rocky landscapes, distinctive white and blue cuboid architecture, unique customs and traditions, glorious culture and history, magnificent golden beaches, olive groves, picturesque windmills, traditional settlements, isolated chapels and hospitable people offer to the travellers an experience of a lifetime! Mykonos, the island of winds is a testament that fashion is timeless, that will amaze you with its cosmopolitan breeze and the mysteries of the sleeping volcano of Santorini will be unveiled in front of your eyes with intoxicating sceneries that compose its eternal beauty. The irresistible combination of Cycladic minimalism, medieval charm and neoclassical romanticism blend in Syros, the duchess of the Cyclades, that has been crowned as the capital of Cyclades. Oh, and the original hippie island, Ios, will show you the secret to remain forever young while Andros and Tinos will guide you through their verdant vegetation and their traditional character. Romanticism at its best, Folegandros and  Milos  will definitely make you fall in love again and again with them. Interested for dives into turquoise waters and experiences of ultimate relaxation? Travel to the Lesser Cyclades, aka Donousa, Heraklia, Koufonisia and Schinoussa; you will not regret it. Feel the spiritual comfort at Amorgos with its religious monuments, and explore the mysterious beauties of AntiparosKimolos, Serifos and Sifnos if you want to avoid the crowds. Anafi, the satellite isle of Santorini, will offer you moments of extraordinary tranquility while hiking to the second monolithic rock after Gibraltar, and you will appreciate the warmth of the locals at Sikinos. Rejuvenate your body and soul in the thermal springs of Kythnos, the sole of the Cyclades, and explore the underwater treasures of Kea, home to the shipwreck of the Britannic. In Paros, you will have the opportunity to discover and explore all the faces of the Cyclades just in one island whilst Naxos will tempt you to taste its exquisite cheeses and wines at the mountainous villages. Of course, no one could ever forget Delos, the religious center of Ancient Greece that has been declared as a world heritage site from UNESCO.