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What is there to say for the largest province of Greece? When words leave off, nature begins to paint the canvases of Macedonia. Undoubtely, Macedonia is a world of destinations. The kaleidoscope of the natural sceneries of Macedonia will blow your mind. From endless exotic beaches and verdant forests to flowing waterfalls and snow-capped mountaintops, it is definite that Macedonia hides millions of mysteries. From Mount Olympus, the highest peak of Greece and the mythical kingdom of the Twelve Olympians, Mount Athos, the independent monastic complex of Europe, an umissable attraction for men, the natural wonders of the Prespa Lakes National Park and the birdwatchers’ heaven of the Kerkini wetlands to the lakeside town of Kastoria with its fairytale atmosphere, the awe-aspriring Macedonian tombs of Vergina, beautiful Thessaloniki, the cultural capital of the country, and the exotic sceneries of Halkidiki Peninsula, Macedonia is a world of destinations. Halkidiki holds the reigns of one of the most exotic destinations of the country; endless golden sandy seashores with emerald and turquoise waters will surely take your breath away on this paradisical corner of Greece. Whether you choose Kassandra or Sithonia Peninsula, or even the peninsula of Mount Athos, your eyes will definitely be impressed from the almighty beauties of Halkidiki. Overshadowed from the massif forests of Cholomontas, the extraordinary terrain of Halkidiki hides millions of mysteries; from the monastic state of Mount Athos, the Cave of Petralona and the island of Ammouliani to the valuable archaeological site of Olynthos, the lovely villages of Nea Fokea, Nikiti and Vourvourou and the steep cliffs of Porto Koufo, Chalkidiki has it all. As we say, there is no other place like Halkidiki. Picturesqueness at its finest, Drama distinguishes for its rare natural beauty and its unique character. The province of Drama is a true paradise with pristine nature and authentic people. Surrounded from the verdant forests of Rhodope, Drama encompasses a wide range of choices for exploration enthusiasts. Frakto, the sole virgin forest of Greece, if not Europe, is an ideal destination for natural lovers while Falakro, one of the highest mountains of Greece, Alistrati Cave, one of the most beautiful limestone caves of Greece, and Aggitis Cave, the largest cave of the country, are three must-visit wonders. From the charming villages of Prosotsani, Nevrokopi and Pagoneri and the mountain resort of Agios Athanasios to the wild sceneries of Nestos River, Drama is a nature museum itself. Favoured from nature lovers, Florina promises unforgettable experiences. The land of the lakes is shaped with an outstanding natural landscape dotted with picturesque lakeside villages. Prespes Lake, one of the most important habitats of Greece, with the tiny village of Psarades and the isle of Agios Achilios, and Nymfeo, one of the most impressive villages of the country that distinguishes for its traditional architecture, are only some of its natural wonders. In Grevena, the enchanting sceneries create stunning images dominated from craggy mountains and endless forests. From the Valia Calda National Park, the highlight of this province and one of the most beautiful forests of Europe, the Vasilitsa Ski Resort with its outstanding snowcapped pistes, and the alpine Flega Lakes to the picturesque village of Samarina, the flowing river of Aliakmonas and the impressive traditional stone villages, it is definite that you will find everything you need in Grevena.Landscapes of immense beauty and a wealth of historical monuments compose the mosaic of Imathia. Home of Vergina, Imathia promises an ecstatic experience. From the fertile plains of the Macedonian plain and the wooded massifs of Vermio and Pieria Mountains, whether you choose to visit Veria, one of the oldest cities in the world, or Naousa for its vineyards and its wine, the province of Imathia hides a lot of surprises.Picturesqueness at its best, nature is stunning in Kastoria province filled with verdant greenery. Memorable images of the Macedonian countryside complete with the byzantine monuments and the impressive mansions of Kastoria city, one of the most beautiful lakeside cities of Northern Greece. Famous for its traditional architecture, its hospitality and its natural wonders, the province of Kastoria is an ideal destination for sport enthusiasts.As for Kavala, this province surprises the travellers all year round. From the beautiful city of Kavala, the archaeological treasures of Philippi and the traditional villages of Dipotamo, Eleftheroupoli and Nikiasiani to the endless sandy beaches of Faros and Keramoti, the thermal springs of Krinides, the imposing slopes of Paggaio Mountain with its verdant forests and the famous delta of Nestos, it is definite Kavala will surprise you. Nature is also thriving in Kilkis, dominated from the imposing mountains of Beles, Krousia and Paiko, the flowing rivers of Axios and Gallikos and the fairytale lakes of Doerani and Pikrolimni. Whether you want to discover picturesque villages and religious monuments or you desire to experience the authentic spirit of Greece through the revival of ancient customs and remarkable cultural events, the province of Kilkis has it for you.Situated at the crossroads of Epirus, Macedonia and Thessaly, Kozani is famous all over Greece for the production of saffron. Mountain massifs, Alkiamonas River with its valley, the rich flora and fauna of Kozani province along with its traditional villages, its folklore traditions, escapecilly Kozani’s carnival customs, and its archaeological monuments create the distinctive beauty of this region crowned from the gold of the Greek soil.Home to the great waterfalls of Edessa, lovely Pella has much to offer; from the ski center of Kaimaktsalan and picturesque Paleos Agios Athanasios village to the lake of Vegoritida and the thermal springs of Pozar, you will fall in love with Pella. Blessed with rich historical and mythological momentums, Pieria will astonish you! Whether you want to explore the unparalleled beauty of this province or you prefer to discover its rich history, Pieria has it for you. From the magical view of mythical Olympus and the archaeological site of Dion to the picturesque village of Elatohori with its wild verdant beauty and lovely Litohoro with its traditional Macedonian architecture, Pieria awaits for you to unveil its mysteries. Serres with its immense natural beauties, the majestic cave of Alistrati, the fairytale lake of Kerkini, the gorge of Aggetis and the delta of Strymonas, will blow your mind. Thermal springs, archaeological sites, byzantine monuments and historical monasteries are ready to be explored.No one could ever forget, however, beautiful Thessaloniki, the cultural capital of Greece. Aristotelous Square and the White Tower on the avenue of Nike overlook the Thermaic Gulf, one of the most astonishing views in the entire country of Greece. Traces of millions of civilizations left their mark of the great city of Thessaloniki; from the Palace and the impressive Rotunda to the Triumphal Arch and the former home of Kemal Ataturk, Thessaloniki will impress you. Wander on the narrow alleys of Ano Poli, one of the oldest districts of the city, to admire the wonderful views. Indeed, Macedonia is a world of destinations.