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Conquered from Medieval knights, Byzantine emperors, Italian defeaters and Ottoman sultans, the Dodecanese showcase millions of faces blessed with sandy beaches, pebbled and sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, volcanic landscapes, imposing archaeological sites, impressive churches, medieval castles and traditional villages. Wrapped around the seashores of Asia Minor, the Dodecanese will definitely thrill you. In Rhodes, the biggest island of the complex, you will have the rare opportunity to stroll in one of the best preserved medieval cities of Europe that showcases a mosaic of crossroads of different cultures and civilizations. Where the beauty of Ancient Greece meets the Oriental exotic elegance and the sophistication of Italy, Kos will guide you through the footsteps of medicine, as it is the homeland of glorious Hippocrates. Blessed with the finest of wild nature, Kalymnos has one of the best rock climbing fields in Europe offering ecstatic experiences for adventurers while the captivating energy vibes of the active volcano of Nisyros will show you its extreme beauty. One should definitely not forget Karpathos and Kasos, and celebrate with the locals in their traditional feasts and festivals under the rhymes of lute and lyre. Patmos, the island of the Apocalypse, will make you feel spiritual comfort and Leros, just a few miles away, will make you appreciate the simple moments in life. Between the Cyclades and the Dodecanese, you will not be able to distinguish which island group you have visited if you set your foot on Astypalea. Halki, Kastelorizo and Symi, distinguished for their colourful settlements with their aristocratic allure, compose the ultimate escapes for isolation. Visit the ghost village of Mikro Horio, which comes alive only at night, and enjoy the striking flora and fauna through the old trails of Tilos and pay a visit to the tiny isles of Agathonisi, Arki, Lipsi, Pserimos and Telendos to surrender yourself to the mild rhythms of life of another bygone era.