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Concealed with cultural wealth and natural glory, the Greek mainland hides millions of mysteries. From forested mountains to idyllic archaeological sites, Central Greece is just a breath away from Athens. Renowned for the imposing oracle of Delphi, the lagoon of Mesolongi, the naval town of Galaxidi, the thermal springs of Kamena Vourla, the hot spot for skiers, aka Arahova, and beloved Agoriani, the natural wonder in the mountains of Parnassus, Central Greece will captivate your eyes with its diverse nature. From the virgin forest roads of Agrafa to the traditional villages of Karpenisi, Central Greece is a timeless destination. The stunning alpine scenery and the turquoise rivers of Epirus will definitely take your breath away with the verdant vegetation of Pindus Mountain and the untamed beauty of the Vikos Gorge; one can say Epirus is the paradise of adventurers! Canyons, rivers and lakes lined up with traditional villages and stone bridges closely connected with legends and traditions offer a unique travel experience. Whether you travel to the dramatic Dragon lakes and the imposing villages of Zagoria or you discover traditional Metsovo and the ancient theatre of mystical Dodoni, one thing is certain; Epirus will amaze you. Macedonia, the kingdom of Alexander the Great, with the impressive massifs of the unique beauty of Olympus Mountain, the golden beaches on Halkidiki peninsula and eternal monasteries of Athos is the duchess of the north. From the cultural city of Thessaloniki and the lakeside city of Kastoria to the towering waterfalls of Edessa, the glorious forests of Drama, the greatness of Nestos River and the incredible Prespes Lakes, Macedonia is endowed with one of the richest natural transitions of Greece. Where mythology meets history, Peloponnese will thrill you with its imposing archaeological sites and its alluring castles nestling in spectacular sceneries between the mountains and the sea. Birthplace of the Olympic Games, Peloponnese is blessed with sceneries that can be found together only in your imagination; from the fortified town of Monemvasia, the exotic island of Elafonisos, the byzantine monument of Mystras, the glorious theatre of Epidaurus and the imposing castle of Methoni to the romantic city of Nafplion, the traditional villages of Arkadia, the vineyards of Nemea, the ski center of Kalavryta and the olive city of Kalamata, Peloponnese is a universe of its own. Blessed with the absolute beauty of the mountains and the sea, Thessaly will guide you through its wonders; from the snowy alpine mountaintops of Pindus Mountains and the emerald seashores of Pelion peninsula to the mythical Plastira Lake and the cliff top monasteries of Meteora, Thessaly is the place to be. Hop into Moutzouris Train to discover the unimaginable beauty of this region. Famous for its stunning countryside, Thrace, the place where the east meets the west, is the paradise for adventure and natural explorations. Whether you want to hike the mountain range of Rhodope or you desire to observe the birds at the Evros River Delta and discover the verdurous sceneries of Dadia Forest, Thrace has everything packed up for you.