March 22, 2018

3 plus 1 unique summer experiences in Greece

Greece is the ultimate summer classic for a multitude of reasons. The overarching three are incredible Mediterranean weather that graces the country with summer temperatures from May and well into September, the particular geo-morphology that has created over 200 islands, and the endless experiences that the combination of the aforementioned conditions create. With so much to see and discover in Greece, not even the Greeks can say that that they know their country entirely. Each place harbours different visuals, different activities, yet all are unique in their own special way. In the quest to uncover the best, we present 3 plus 1 unique summer experiences to be discovered.

1) A quiet retreat for nature lovers in Thassos

Not such a known destination for travellers outside of Greece, and referred to as the emerald island of the North Aegean, Thassos is truly a hidden gem! This island enjoys a different kind of biodiversity on its landscapes than the more known islands of the Cyclades for example, with lush vegetation that reaches down to its turquoise shores, creating a sense of absolute tranquility for the visitor. It is home of the infamous and spectacular Giola natural lagoon, and the Drakotrypa cave, that means dragon hole named after a stalactite with the shape of a dragon! The best of Greek nature can be found here resulting in many eco and agro tourism activities that stem from the fertility of the soil of Thassos. The abundance of lush landscapes allows for many amazing activities that will immediately connect you with nature. You can feast your eyes on estuaries, caves, marble quarries, while you can tour olive oil factories and engage in bird watching, diving and hiking. For a restful stay, treat yourself to comfortable accommodation just a few minutes from the sea at Aelia Villa in Limenas and plan your days exactly as you wish with the unique personalised services offered. Even if it’s for just a weekend in Thassos.

Giola Laggoon
2) Relax or be active by day, romance or party by night in Paros

Paros in the Cyclades is known to have a bit of everything. The classic Cycladic architecture, the fishing village settlements, some wonderful beaches that welcome wind and kite surf enthusiasts, gorgeous vantage points and a vibrant nightlife to dance the night away. Parikia is the main port that welcomes visitors arriving on the island, whereas the party happens on the quainter and more colourful Naousa area. If it’s romance you are seeking you can choose a quiet spot like Minois Village in Parasporos beach, and tuck yourselves away in a superior sea view suite in Paros. The visuals and elegant ambiance will relax you whether it’s morning or evening, leaving plenty of time for enhancing your stay by either indulging in the services offered, or taking to the beaches or the numerous bars that promise entertainment until dawn. With a healthy mix between locals and foreign visitors, Paros is definitely the perfect hybrid between understated luxury and authenticity in the Cyclades cluster.

3) Indulge in luxurious living & Santorini dreaming

For experiencing Greece’s most cosmopolitan albeit breathtaking and mystical island, Santorini is definitely the one. If you have never been, then you must visit it in order to get a true sense of the magic of this place – even the most professional of photographs do not do it justice as they fail to capture the energy that fills each viewer at each colour of the sky at sunset. The magnificent volcano views, the mysticism of such a mesmerising crescent shaped island that has been linked to the myth of the lost Atlantis; a fascinating volcanic landscape of visible strata, clifftop settlements of white and blue simplicity and the one of a kind, colourful beaches of red, white and black sands paint an amalgam of incredible beauty that must be seen up close and personal. Indulge in privacy, exclusivity, elegance and luxury that will fill you with a sense of tranquility by staying either at a Santorini sunset villa or a sublime Santorini cave pool suite elevating your Santorini experience even further, with all the superior services and amenities of the Andronis Exclusive Luxury Suites. This way you can get the best out of your accommodation experience behind closed doors, including superior dining and spa treatments, while the rest of the Santorini is your oyster.

+1) Smooth sailing & island exploration

The Aegean sea has been referred to as a nursery of seafaring, and justifiably so. There is so much to discover by sea as the close proximity of the islands allows for endless possibilities of filling your soul with the blissful effect of smooth sailing, also combining a cultural fix as nearly all islands have great historic and archaeological significance. For the seafarers among you,boutique cruising around the Cyclades will reveal countless interchanging images of Greek beauty, from azure shores to graphic villages, natural wonders and riveting landmarks,Variety Cruises offer a diverse and uniquely intriguing mix between conventional sailing and private cruising, guaranteeing privacy when you need it, and multiple, sensational destinations to be discovered, without lifting a single finger. Choose the Jewels of Cyclades cruise and be prepared to be amazed by all the highlights of at least 8 island destinations.

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