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Intertwined with crystalline and sparking waters, the Greek islands will definitely fill your imagination with mythical and mysterious tales. Scattered pieces of land among the waves from the Olympian Gods, the Greek Islands form one of the most spectacular phenomena of Europe that were made to sail. Undeniably, Greece distinguishes for its beautiful coastline. Each and every island has a distinctive character and identity blessed with rich cultural and historical momentums. Wind your sails to the Aegean and the Ionian Seas to discover your own corner of paradise. With more that six thousands islands, it is certain you will find yours. Whether your prefer sun kissed beaches and dives into crystalline waters or you want to explore mountainous villages to experience a glimpse of another bygone era, Greece has it for you! From picturesque white and blue villages and colorful towns with neoclassical atmosphere to noble cities with an Italian temperament and humble settlements with traditional character, the Greek islands will surpass your expectations. Surrounded from an unrivalled history that resembles windows of the ancient past and monuments of extraordinary nature, you will appreciate a healthy dose of the marvellous wealth of Greece. The whitewashed cubic architecture and the labyrinthine alleys of the Cyclades creates a dramatic difference with the Venetian nobility of the Ionian while the verdurous vegetation of the Sporades boasts a distinctive character that competes with the picturesque atmosphere of the tiny islands of the Argosaronic. Holding the reigns of the biggest islands of Greece, Crete will go beyond your expectations blessed with its distinctive culture and heritage whereas the oblong island of Euboea is only an echo of the prehistoric continental land blessed with an entire world of contrasting sceneries ready to captivate you. Of course, no one could forget the Dodecanese and the Northeast Aegean Islands that stand out for their multiculturalism, their mountainous sceneries and their historical momentums. Travel to the Greek Islands to experience a way of life that has endured for centuries; it is definite that the Greek archipelago will thrill you! So, will you try to discover your own corner of paradise?

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