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Viva the Ionian Sea! Distinguished for their aristocratic finesse, their verdant vegetation and their turquoise waters, the Ionian Islands are a getaway escape to paradise. Conquered from mortals and immortals, Corfu is just an echo of the Byzantine splendour of the East and the geometry grandeur of the West, a confluence of cultures in the very depths of the genuine soul of this UNESCO World Heritage Site; besides, the endless beaches of Corfu with emerald, sapphire and turquoise waters guarantee dives into paradisiacal sceneries. On the other hand, the beauty of Zakynthos is inexhaustible. Known as the Flower of the East from the Venetians, this island will find the way to enchant you gifted with crystalline waters and verdant vegetation. Kefalonia, a divine paradise, is reminiscent of the palette of Botticelli that will show you all the shades of blue and green that will intoxicate you emitting scents that arouse even the most dormant human senses. Immersed in immorality through the legendary wanderings of Odysseus from Homer, Ithaca is the eternal symbol of love and nostalgia where your soul will be tied forever with its eternal value touched from the magic of the legendary myths. Refugee for Amphitrite and Cleopatra, Paxi is a divine island with turquoise waters and verdant vegetation that will surpass your expectations, as you will experience the exotic finesse of Greece at its best. As for Lefkada, she betrays the whitewashed origin of her name. Where the richness of the blue waters meets the evergreen forests, Lefkada is a paradise on earth. When you travel to Lefkada, you will appreciate that reality is better that fantasy. Kythera, the outsider of the Ionian, is the utopia of desire, symbolism for great intellectuals and renaissance artists. The misty walking trails with the abandoned medieval ruins reveal the true essence of Kythera to the travellers who seek for authentic aromas. Of course, one could not forget the tiny isles of the Ionian; travel to Mathraki and Meganisi for their verdant vegetation, Othoni for its mountainous sceneries, Erikoussa for its rich tradition in olive making, Kastos for its tranquil atmosphere and Kalamos for its wild beauty. Although you might cherish the Aegean, you will not resist to the allure of the Ionian.
Ionian Islands